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Unhinge the Universe
Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt
Bad Wolf Blood
Marcy Jacks
Evenfall (In the Company of Shadows, #1)
Santino Hassell, Ais
Chance Assassin: A Story of Love, Luck, and Murder
Nicole Castle
Fire's Embrace (Chronicles of the Shifter Directive, #6)
Scarlet Hyacinth
Warren's Guide to Wrangling an Alpha Wolf - Marcy Jacks New challenge, new experience and hope, danger, love, family and mate. This serie is great and the shifters, people and world. Real problems how to survive, how to get food, water and build a house to be warm and get through winter.

Show new side of werewolves and not only the light ones.

New friends and new enemy

Luna werewolves characters:


Leader of the pack Roarke O'Neil
Jason friend to Roarke 
Josh Carpenter

Damian the quietest alpha in the pack (first mate Eric killed by hunters)
Eric (person with the same name as Damian's dead mate)

Alpha Bear shifter:

Ashkii Fisher (first mate Elija killed by hunters)


Westley mate to Roarke, pregnant with their first pup
Matt mate to Jason
Taylor Cadman mate to Josh 

Warren McDonald friend to David, meet via the net
David Austen (abused mate to ex-mate Vince, broke their soul bond/survived) second male to get pregnant.
Charlie Terrel mate to Lucas

Every alpha should learn that every omega want to have a job, help and feel they are useful to the pack, this about even if you algots lost your mate, do never take his freedom from him, because then he want to run away or make choices that can get him danger *sigh* that was is happening to Warren and Darian.

Not only that one from the leader "normal" werewolves seem to broke a promise and call the humans hunters, that only want to hunt and kill werewolves and shifters of every race, because they meant shifters are a danger to humans, but are shifters really danger to humans?! in every race even the humans someone go rouge and kill innocent, born evil or someone make Them evil. Only ones own choices will decide what future we want to take, it is only ourself that can decide if we will go the dark way or the light way.

This remind me of the Jedi from Star Wars, they have the power to use it to help and protect people or be a Sith, that use it to misuse it to hurt people. Even if you are born light, then you still have the choice to went dark as Anakin Skywalker.

That same choice have both shapeshifters, humans etc. someone seem to only choice the dark way as the "normal" werewolves, we never really have evidence that has ever happened attacks on "normal" werewolves, only that they fear their powers. Why do they not make peace and make a allience, I am sure even a darker force/creature is out there stronger and more evil, that not care if that thing kill "normal" werewolves or Luna werewolves.

We can try to save the ones that are being hurt and make sure they grown up with a kind hearth, empathy and love. There are always someone that is our soul, our half that can heal us, protect us and at peace. That is love and family.

Can't wait to read the rest of the books in this serie and hopefully the author will write more books or make a new serie, with some of the other shifters, maybe mpreg too, I hope.

Great story and new challenges to our every hunted Luna pack, new friends and new enemies. Hopefully they can save more Luna werewolves and be bigger and stronger so no one anymore can hurt them.