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What Big Teeth You Have - Marcy Jacks Luna werewolves characters:


Leader of the pack Roarke O'Neil
Jason friend to Roarke
Josh Carpenter

Damian the quietest alpha in the pack (first mate Eric killed by hunters)

Alpha Bear shifter:

Ashkii Fisher (first mate Elija killed by hunters)


Westley mate to Roarke, pregnant with their first pup
Matt mate to Jason
Taylor Cadman mate to Josh

Warren friend to David, meet via the net
David Austen (abused mate to ex-mate Vince, broke their soul bond/survived) second male to get pregnant

This book are about the MC Askhii the Bear shifter that have lost his first mate to hunters and really only want to die, but it's destiny that he meet David that have broken the soul Bond to his former mate, because of abused.

Vince then want to have revenge and kill David, because he think he have the right as alpha and former mate, Vince always give David the blame to everything and think that David should to apologize and beg for his life to come to the abuser.

Warren almost lost his life to protect his friend and David's unborn pup, cup or child?!? Huh?!? Would that child have the ability to shift both to Bear and Wolf?!? Or only one of them?!? How long is the male pregnancy?!?

Westley finally go into labor and birth the child by caesarean and without painkillers, one of the alphas shift to Luna form and then uses his claws and cut in the pregnant males belly.

 Warren know he is mate to Damian and they finally get to talk to each other, this only took 3-4 month?!?

Everyone in this pack have a dark past and fight to survive, every shifter in the world want to kill and hunt Luna werewolves, they use the omegas as sexslaves and use the omegas as breeder, the "normal" werewolves are the shifters that more interest to kill and annihilate the Luna race.

Most shifters in the world see the Luna werewolves as monsters, but then it really are the other shifters that are monsters when they kill Luna werewolves. to Hunt, kill and use them as sexslaves are really the monsters and the forget that Luna werewolves are also humans with feeling, dreams and hope. Luna werewolves only want to live in peace and to know they can live without fear to get kidnapped and killed, by others that hate and is envious over their ability to shift to half human/half wolf and are 10 times more dangerous as a Bear shifter and as strong as a Bear shifter.

In the reality they only use this ability to protect and defend themselves, Luna werewolves only want to live in peace with the other shifters and find love, have a family and a pack were they know they are protected.

I LOVE this serie, because this is a new way to see werewolves and the way they try to fight for love and family, a new pack. All the characters in this serie are kind, lovely and have a dark past that only mate and friends can heal.

PLEASE MORE <3 <3 <3 <br/>
I want this book to be longer too.