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Captured with His Pregnant Mate [Luna Werewolves 1] (Siren Publishing Everlasting Classic ManLove) - Marcy Jacks This is the first book in this serie it tell about Roarke and Westley, the MC in this book.

Westley have been a prisoner to the "normal" werewolves we know about they Hunt and kill Luna werewolves, because they are afraid of Them and the ability to change to half human/half Wolf form and that form is making Them really strong, a Luna werewolf in good condition can kill a whole group of "normal" werewolves if they want to.

The different from Luna werewolves is also it is a All-male race, their ability with omegas to bear a child/mpreg and healing ability, the ability to change to half human/half Wolf form.

Many "normal" alphas male is killing and Hunt the Luna wolves, they starved Them and use Luna omegas as sex slaves.

Roarke and Westley know they are Mates, because they can feel each other energy and their fragrance in a speciel way.

I really want to know more about Roarke and Westleys child and the birth, their friends Matt and Jason that also is Mates. Josh and Taylor that just found each other and Mates also. Who will find this new pack of Luna wolves to be save and stronger, to live in almost peace and have a family and love? I really want to know a lot about the charactets in this serie and really hope they be so strong they never have to be scared about the "normal" werewolves anymore.

Great story and LOVE the MCs, their fight for love and fight for survival :-)