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The Omega in Control - Marcy Jacks In this book we follow Taylor Cadman that is a omega and Josh Carpenter that is a alpha, because of a dark past Taylor never want someone to control him. He saw his sire beat the man that bore him, but that is something more to that, that we will found out later.

The war with the "normal" werewolves are still there and they are not save as long they only are three Mates:

Roarke their leader alpha/Westley omega mate to Roarke and pregnant
Jason alpha/ Matt omega
Josh alpha/Taylor omega

Every alpha have a mate omega, the omega males have the ability to get pregnant and have healing powers.

There is a new fight for live and dead, because the "normal" werewolves want revenge for their dead ones. Only in last moment the three Mates are saved by other Luna werewolves and one Bear shifter.

So know we have 10 more Luna werewolves and one Bear shifter: 7 alphas and 3 omegas

Ash Fisher is a Bear shifter and saved Taylor when to alpha "normal" werewolves want to kill him.

I know two of the new omegas: Bastion and Warren.

This book show that even if your past is dark, then you have a chance in life to find the speciel and perfect mate, that kind and lovely to you. That honesty can help you heal in your hearth and soul, that it's always a family and better alphas that never will misuse their power in their pack, a pack that is fair and full of love, protecting and family.

Now I have new questions with regard to all these new people, so many new mystery about every new person *sigh* I never found out about every persons life, before there are new questions LOL

I really love this serie about a new race and they way they fight to get to the new pack, to find safety, love and family. Please more and I still wish the books were longer. The stories is amazing and great, superb. Sex and H/C in the books, the danger and the survive to live in a World were all want to kill Them.