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In These Words, Volume 1 - Kichiku Neko, TogaQ Found the book and it's a hard, intense and adult Yaoi book :-) love to read this book, a dark yaoi like view finder :-) a long time I have read a amazing yaoi book and it is a same lvl like the mangaka Youka Nitta and view finder :-D xx

This intense brutal, violent and very dark. You will find that you get over your limits, out of your comfort zone.

This is psychological warfare, who is the strongest physically and mentally, the psychiatrist has profiles and to obtain serial killer to talk about his murder or the serial killer who is strongest.

These murders are brutal and scary, nobody wants to have such a person love to feel his love rape day after day, cutting his victims. Talking about a crazy love and these men are powerless to defend themselves after all these days of torture and rape.

This series is amazing and there is chapter 6-8 that is published and I hope to find out who will win this mind games or mind rape, for that is what this is. The profiler is being weak, because he has nightmares every night and it seem supernatural to me like the serialisme killer have a telepathic connection to the doctor and to the special things he has done in his unique sacrifice that police can not see the connection to some cold cases. These nightmares are very real and scary, the doctor loses his physical strength for everyday that goes and there are conversations that seem random but maybe not are this. 

I will recommend this book for them that love to read out of your comfort zone and have read books like SF or the Flesh Cartel, for this book is in the same genre.