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Naga's Concubine - Scarlet Hyacinth This book is about the second caste shifters: Chimeras (halves, bad word/language)

Because these shifters always was half human, half shifter:


The mer hid deep witin the oceans, where no one would ever find them to point fingers. The centaurs, satyrs, harpies ans sirens found deserted islands, guarding their privacy zealously. The medusas became the guardians of the minotaurs, making sure that their friends didn't accidentally reveal the existence of the paranormal world to the humans.
The naga people formed the beautiful underground City of Patala. Here they dwelled, creating a true kingdom with connection that spanned all throughout the chimera community. They also make a strong army, because one day they know they need to kill the draechen and make war with them, because the draechen have misuse their power and would destroy all shifter world.

This story is about the MCs:

Lieutenant Sagenamadeen/Sage Zager a ice draechen and true mate to Prince Camden Isaiat.

Prince Camden Isaiat a naga of the Royal family and true mate to lieutenant Sage Zager.

Rachen Tersain twin brother to Karein Tersain, we hear more about him in this book (last book he was reincarnated, given the chance for family and true mate).

Judge Murdock is reality the Prince Jud'Enealh a elf (they did not help in war, but now he seem that he has no choice to fight in the war, for change in the Directive rules or be a enemy of draechen)

Alwyn Cyraltin a Krite and Rachen's true mate (a mystery and who is he really?)

Iasan Sutharlainn a sprite and brother to Caelyn Sutharlainn (prisoner, because he almost hurt Sari and their unborn child) but will be the help in the future, who is Iasan's true mate?

Benandanti some say it's a cult, some talk about shifters but in small form (small animals) they maybe seem like a enemy at first, but somehow that change so they help the new King and his true mate, family and friends. But I really do not know anymore about them, more information, please.

Those meet each other when someone want to hurt the Royal family of Tersain, the new generation to take over the throne and their true Mates.

This not only about to save each own people, but also who is really the enemy, the ones that seem to be the enemy are only a tool for something more evil and powerful.

"Mate bonds rarely follow the rules we set for ourselves. Our ways work for us, but there are always exceptions" these words say Camden.

It's really true why should the rules shifters make really be the right ones, Camden is not the only one that have found a true mate that the Directive rules go against, the new generation want the rules to change so they never fear to lose their mate and to have their own family.

This the fight Camden and Sage is fighting, we see that the naga family are as old-fashioned and narrow-minded as the old Royal draechen family was, before the new generation was taking over.

They make rules that not only hurt their son, but also his mate. This is about how strong true mate bonds are and the strength and power it give true mates, they know how the other feel, their pain, sorrow, happiness and memory. They know when their mate are in danger and will kill everyone who try to hurt their mate.

There is still so much hate, hate that the younger generation have nothing to do with and some that try to be forgive what he has done, most times we see that this is not the whole picture. Sometimes the enemy is not the enemy and the only way to change is to move forward, even if this hurt. Everyone know the old Directive rules are wrong and this need to change or get destroyed, the enemy are those who still want the old regime and the power. This is not the only enemy, even outside the shifters there can be a enemy as strong that every shifter need to be allies to win against this enemy.

This complicated and we have not seen the whole picture, we need to see the births of every true mates in this series.

I LOVE this series, the complicated world, shifters, true bonds, who their enemy really is and the change of the Directive rules. MORE PLEASE <3 <3 <3<br/>