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Draechen's Mate [Chronicles of the Shifter Directive 2] (Siren Publishing Epic, ManLove) - Scarlet Hyacinth Because of the war between humans, fae, draechens and all shifters. Then when they finally won the war from werewolves and vampires, both rare shifters like Gryphons, hydras etc. also magical creatures like elves, fae, sprites, djinn are coming forward to make sure they have a say in the peace allies contact, to late all of these people found out they gave the draechen to much power. Many think it's better that way, but over the generations many of the new generations from the different caste thinks this is a regime the draechens have made over the other caste and that the rules are wrong.

Our MC in this story are:

Karein Tersain a Black dragon , the only black dragon and have the ability to drain the energy of a foe with a simple spell and also give energy to his mate or friends if they need that, he is also only a tool for his parents to hunt the shifters and magical creatures that want to fight for their freedom and against the Directive rules. True mate to Sari.

Sareltae/Sari Norrenddare the youngest Prince in the fae kingdom with the strongst healing ability, he also have White-blond hair the only fae in the kingdom to have that. True mate to Karein.

Caelyn Sutharlainn the sprite that was chose to mate Karein first, not true mate. He have the ability to make illusions and telekinese. His true mate is Graham Powers a Wolf shifter.

Graham Powers a Wolf alpha shifter that want to fight the draechen kingdom and fight for freedom. True mate to Caelyn.

Prince Hareem Tersain older brother to Karein, a draechen shifter and his ability are to fire ice. His true mate is Taryn Lovington, that was kidnapped and prisoner in the dragon Palace, sexslave (NOT).

Taryn Lovington a Wolf shifter and have some magical blood so now he is pregnant with his true mate first egg, pup, child?!?

The past true Mates that make a great sacrifice, before the Directive rules was made:

Prince Talrasar Myrthylar fae and the only fae with fair white-blond hair and outlandish look. An Angel. He is the strongst fae healer. True mate to Prince Kaelezrin Tersain a draechen shifter.

Prince Kaelezrin Tersain is the only black draechen shifter, he can drain the energy of a foe with a simple spell and also give energy to a true mate, friends or family. True mate to Prince Talrasar Myrthylar.

Sagenamadeen/Sage Zager is a draechen shifter, lieutenant to Karein's army. True mate to Prince Camden Isaiat a nags.

Prince Camden Isaiat a naga shifter and true mate to lieutenant Sage Zager.

Karein have nightmares about his ancestor, their love and their dead. Karein never think that he will find a mate that really will love him for who he is and think he will die at the age 200 if he does not find a mate he will go crazy and die, because as strong his ability is, he need a mate to ancore him to reality or die.

Karein's parents only see him as a tool to more power and punish everyone that try to fight for freedom and change the Directive rules. They do everything to make the fae pay for the help of helping the sprite and werewolves flee.

Sari is chosen to marriage Karein and pay for what they have done, but the first meeting Sari and Karein found out they really are true mates. Karein have change since his last meeting with Caelyn and Graham, he does not like the Directive rules and hate his parents and think them evil and no love for all shifters and magical creatures.

There is some evil, cold and power hungry families in both Sari's family and Karein's family, people I really hate Sari's stepfamily and Karein's parents. But they all get their punishment at last, finally *high fives*

This is about to never give hope to find ones true mate, to go against the things that are wrong and to save the innocent people, their race and make allies with the ones that can save your all, find love and not get seen as a tool, but as a person with feeling, hope, dreams and fear.

Maybe not reincarnation for Karein and Sari, but they have the connection to them, because fysically they look like them and almost went through the same things like their ancestors.

Karein Tersain/Kaelezrin Tersain both black dragons, same power abilities and tool for their parents.

Sareltae/Sari Norrenddare /Talrasar Myrthylar both fae with fair white-blond hair, outlandish look and strongst healer powers.

Both recognition their true mates, fae and dragon. Both fight to save all the races and to not make a war that will kill Innocent people.

It seem we have not seen the most evil, strongst and brutal enemy yet. All these people really need to make a allience and peace with each other, change the rules fast and find out about this evil before it is to late.

I LOVE this Series and the people, the world, the magic and they way the people fight for the right things, to change the rules that now hurt All castes and races. I really want to know more about old and new characters, their fights, what their ancestor have fight for and hopefully can help Them with, when they again are against that evil.

It want to know more about the children from all the MCs and what abilies they have, read the birth. See that the Directive rules is destroyed or changes.

MORE PLEASE <3 <3 <3 <br/>