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This story begin with Taren Laxley that is a slave and get kidnapped because his owner owe some money to the wrong people .

In this new place is Taren beaten everyday and get just enough food to survive, he do hard work in the pub and sleep in a dark and cold place, the owner of this does not take care of his slaves.

There he meets one day Rider that is Captain of the ship Sea Witch, Rider kidnapped Taren and say that if he wish to please him, then he want him in bed with his lover Bastian that is Quartermaster of the ship Sea Witch, Bastian was also a former slave but earn his freedom to Rider that is a fair owner and only punish if they really have done something wrong and never misuse his power. Three years on the ship as a sexslave and if Rider trust them then he will also have a job on the ship, Laxley will always have food and a warm place to sleep and in the two years he is on board on the Sea Witch, he is lovers to Rider and Bastian.

Fiall a young boy on board the Sea Witch is so unlucky to fell overboard the ship in the storm, Taren saves him from drowning in the sea, but even have this misfortune to beat his head  and lose consciousness, something happen to him in the sea and not only a dream.

Ian Dunaidh save Taren, but now he is a prisoner on the ship Phantom that Ian is the Captain on. Ian want to know about Tarens parents, but Taren can not tell anything, because he was so young that he does not remember his parents.

Ian seem a first like a person you dislike, because Bastian have told something that make you think of him as a enemy. Ian want Taren to submit to him and in the end he make Taren sick.

Taren want to escape and Ian somehow know this.

Taren: "Can he read my thoughts" ? Ian know somehow also that Taren is one of them "no normal man" All Ea were Dual-natured, animal and man. Only adolescents new to their Ea form lacked self-control.

This lack of self-control make Taren sick and he need the healer of this ship to get better, but the " transformation sickness" that only adolescents suffered with and even then it was rare that they experienced much more than a slight discomfort. Taren get sick with high fever and is helpless in many days after his illness, but there are also his dreams.

Taren dream about Ian shift form and then swin in the sea.

They awaken to the call of the sea and transform.

Ian called "come, follow me. Your life awaits" Taren "please. I want to follow, but I don't know how"? This is a dream Taren have.

Ian take Taren to the Island Ea'nu, but there the Council see him as a spy and torture him and this Island that should have been a place of freedom is a regime now, were you never have the chance to get out of there, because the people that talk about to see and exprience the other countries is going to jail and die there. It's a evil place, with no freedom and no dreams anymore. The Council is old and misuse their power to suppress their people, what little money they have are taking away by the Council and (army?).

Ian make many huge error and almost lost Taren more times than I want to think about, in the end he do the right thing and Taren forgive him, Taren have a kind heart even after all this hell he have been through.

The dreams are memories about a past life Taren=Treande and Ian=Owyn in the past life they were also lovers, they have forming a strong bond and is soulbound to each other, they promise in the past life to find each other again and protect each other.

Only because Rider and Ian was past lovers and still friends they get help from the humans and can get the help to understand what their goddess want them to do, this is not only a fight for their safety and love, but also to help their people.

I really want to know more about Taren and Ian, their reincarnation past, present and future. Bastian and Rider that also is lovers, Riders past with Ian and Bastians past as a slave.

Fiall and Aine the boys from the ship Sea Witch and Phantom. Barra the sailing Master on the Phantom and past sex friend to Ian, that really love Ian more than that. Renda the healer/Quartermaster on the ship Phantom.

Vurin that is a mage with the gift empathy and seer that know Taren have the the gift of sight, Vurin will need Taren and Ian to learn their power and to free their people.

I really hope this is a serie, because there is so many things I need to know and this story is amazing with mermen and reincarnation, I understand that Taren and Ian are the ones that can make all things right again and the war they need to prepare for get their race freedoms back. There is a lot of mystery and what about the stone/diamont?

I want more please, to know more about the magic and abilities, the race and traditions etc.

I recommend this book to the ones that love to read about shapeshifters and Myth, to see mermen in other ways than the traditionel way. To know about past lifes reincarnation and the hope for freedom and make peace with the humans, to have another chance in life to protect the one you love.