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Lyrion's Gift - Jade Astor A really great book, I wish it was longer, because these so many things I want to know about Lyrion, his feelings and thoughts about his kidnapping and that he had only taken the ability to bear children, there would not have taken longer before one would indulge in his snatch and go to bed with them? He was taken against his will and becomes the ordered as a slave, not a guest. Is this Stockholm Syndrome?!? A form of brainwashing or a telepathic connection to one's soul mates?!?

This is the only thing I question the whole story and is everything else perfectly around myth or legend about the hidden men with the ability to bear children. The Crown Prince will not marry someone he does not love and not of the same sex, this gives conflict both in his mind, but also officials around him. 

Some officials hope even that myth is a myth and not the truth, trying to get senior men's daughter to incorporate themselves with the crown prince, but gets rejected.

Crown Prince's concubine have doubts about whether he should hate or love Lyrion, this gives conflicts between them all and is close to all lose one another.

Only Lyrion's innocence and that he has not done any harm or do not want the title or money, the concubine that he has nothing to fear and that they do not have to fight for space with the crown prince. 

Can't wait to read the other book in this serie, to know Lyrion's family and friends, the City he come from, the traditions with the hidden ones.

Plese write more books in this serie