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Surrounded By Crimson - Lexi Ander There are so many revelations, new insights in the fight between a goddess and werewolves. Tristan must go through so much and have been in danger many times, he fights for his dreams and protect his family, friends and his people. He judges righteously and kill only if there are no other options.

I will not reveal what happens in the book, except that one can expect many surprises and revelations, which is crucial in their fight.

Damn I want to know what happens to Tristan, Ushna and Brian?!? Their children and their people. What about the killing of the murder Daniel Sullivan and who is he really. So many that want Tristan killed and is power hungry. I really LOVE this serie and can not wait to read the other vol. in this serie, how long do I have to wait before I know more about their war, future, healing, magi, warriors etc?!?