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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War - Max Brooks I Think many people in the book are cruel and evil, most of them are only thinking about money and to get a high titel and not thinking that they can save many people without lies.

If they If the government had not tried to hide things, but prepared the people of what really happened, so these people could be improved combed out and protected themselves with weapons, food and proper relationship not to be killed and this can lead to multiple dies and is transformed into zombies and then there's even more to fight back. The government also choose to certain people die and others live, to me it seems that those who already have power get more power and abuse this. 

The people of civilians who survive only by luck and cunning to survive, but even their own government can not be trusted.

More will be turned into zombies and this is the government's fault, because these are the people who can save people and prepare them for battle, instead, this Secret and more lies. 

Governments helps people get killed and the earth becomes a hell where there are more dead than alive. 

A doctor I hate so much in the book because he takes advantage of the situation to make a fake product medications which does not take effect for protecting and earn money this way and he is also helping people die, now that he lives in security and has no conscience, he believes it is serve people and not him. He was one of those who had prepared themselves and just flew away when hell broke out. 

This was much beyond my limits and not a topic that I like, but just to show it to the people to be very aware and suspicious of their own government, only this can ensure that we are warned in good time to protect and defend us. 

My wish is that this never becomes a reality and that we never get these nightmares into reality.

Normally I'm not sensitive, but this is one of my worst nightmare and to read what was not done and think what could be done was scary. This book feel to real life for me and I hate that, have buy the same book to protect yourself against zombies by Max Brooks. Better to be careful and stay alive that dead.

Recommend this to the strong and not faint hearted one, the ones that can not get enough of zombies and that like out of comfort zone.