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Counterpunch - Aleksandr Voinov This world is cruel and evil, they have slaves some been slave as punishment for a crime, and some born into slavery and never have known the freedom.

There is different kind of hell and this a world were you are alone and can not trust anyone, the people with power and money can buy slaves and they are sexslaves to them. Who to trust or who to never let know what you thinking and feeling.

Nathaniel is a person with many secrets and the only person that things differently that the rest of freeborn, but even he has his dreams and mystery.

Brooklyn is a fighter, but was born freeborn and now a slave, he try to survive and understand the rules there are, but he is also someone that will fight for his freedom and the right things, he know he did something wrong, but he is not a killer.

The way Nathaniel and Brooklyn try to understand each other and the secrets, their hope and feelings, but also how to tell things that is not easy to understand for different reasons.

I really wish there were a vol.2 of this book and see more of this world, even if it is cruel and evil. What will happen to Nathaniel and Brooklyn now and are their fights over with the slave system?!?

This world remind me a little about the flesh cartel and people that have read the flesh cartel will Love to read this book, not for the faint hearth and this really out of comfort zone.

A great and amazing story from Aleksandr Voinov :-) Can't wait to read his other books