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Scorpion  - Aleksandr Voinov There are many people who have influence on our MC, people that either have a major impact on Kendras or who are out to destroy what he has fought for and is a warrior. 


Kendras: a purebred Jaishsni with blue eyes, but have life as a Dalmanye street-rat orphan before he was safe from a officer from the Scorpions, a elite unit. The Seventeenth great legions of Shara. Lover to Adrastes

Adrastes: the Officer from the Scorpions, but also a Royal Prince of Fetin, he is also the Lord Protector of Fetin/Dalman. The Anoined one, sacred warrior. Lover to Kendras

The Officer will recognize a Scorpion who's waiting to be born. They stand out = never give up fighting and never will surmit. He is the one to learn the new recruit about the mind of the Scorpions and have the book of Memory, the tradition and who is free to live a life after service as a Scorpion and warrior.

Riktan, Dev and Selvan is Kendras and Adrastes family, friends and something more.

Kiran a Tanesh of the Flames are later the first recruit and family to the Scorpions.

Widowmaker: a Tanesh of the Flames, they protect the Protector of Fetin.

Vistar An Grekaren/ of Dalman: a Royal Prince and never seen the real world, what it will mean to fight for your life and to do everything yourself.

Steel: gray-eyes mercenarie, that people think have no soul.

High priest/ Ocean priest: he is a murder, rapist, want power and money, he see himself as the country real "King"

Aleksandr is a amazing author, this World and the characters, so intense and a rollercoaster of emotions. People we think we know, a hidden past, a desire and pleasure for life as a warrior, to fight for your love, dreams and family.

To survive evil people that will harm and kill you. To wait for the right moment to get revenge or be the hero that end the war.

This serie are amazing and beautiful, harsh, brutal and a life where only the strongest, bravest and cunning survive. 

I can't wait to found out what will happened to Kendras, Adrastes and the Scorpions family. They are warriors and will find trouble if they want it or not, because they are dangerous and always will be challenged by others.

LOVE IT <3 <3 <3 PLEASE MORE :-D <br/>
I recommend this book to all that want to read about warriors, war, love and to fight for the right things.

I think there is to many things to tell about and it is really better to enjoy it yourself and read about the MC and what they are going through. This complex game of power, royalty and nobility. Who are the enemies and who are friends, what you do to survive and how powerful LOVE always is.