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Rape in Holding Cell 6 - Part 2 - Kyle Michel Sullivan This is the continuation of the book vol.1, things are more sinister and brutal than anyone had imagined.

The fathers of some sons are fanatical in their views on what they do and do unto others, corrupt policemen and politicians, they enjoy seeing men being raped and having power over others. All these monsters believe that they can escape punishment and continue working with their job.

I hated many of these people in the book, the uncanny is that one of the people would control their lust by watching his own son being gang-raped and abused by others.

This is not a book for the faint hearted, this is beyond your limits and out of your comfort zone, you may be in doubt what Tone is doing the right thing to protect his lover Jake and his friend Matt. 

In most places you in no doubt who the monsters and who is innocent, but the person himself Tone as telling the life story can be in doubt about which side he belongs to, only his lover Jake saves him from this dark and that he will not be like the corrupt people we read in the book.

This is hell for anyone who gets caught and subjected to mass rape and violence, the fight to get justice and get on with life. 

This amazing author know how to read things about out of comfort zone and to think about if Tone is doing the right thing to get revenge. Psychological scary and nerve-wracking.

I want to read more books by this author and read what a hell the MC's is going through and survive.