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Undefeated Love - John Simpson Recommend the book to people that want to know how the homosexuals lived before, during and after World War II, why Hitler want the homosexuals in the concentration camp, what the soldiers do to the prisoners and the experiment the doctors do there.

The concentration camp was a living hell to All that got caught. There was no trial and no means to defend themselves and those who tried to escape were punished by being torn to death by dogs or hanged.

The soldiers did everything to prisoners suffering, too little food and drink, then go do hard physical work. Some soldiers raped the prisoners and others were shot without notice.

If you were lucky enough to have trained yourself to other things before been caught, then some were moved to other sections and did not as hard work as before, this could be their salvation for a little time.

Love could save some few to cope with these extreme conditions in these camps, but many succumbed to illness and was beaten to death by soldiers.

Some Germans did not like what they saw Hitler did and no one could be sure of whether they were spied by agents that would catch them either because of their sexuality or political views.

Some people were caught in the net because they believed that changes would occur without violence and killing, but when you first had volunteered to SA or SS, it was hard to escape, either disobeyed one order or even was shot.

The most fanatical been recruited to either SA or SS is these people that we have heard about in the story, whether sinister experiments and torture, concentration camps and extermination of races, political people, resistance fighters and homosexuals. This is World War II atrocities, brutality and horrors which we must never forget as this must never be repeated again.