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Power Play: Awakening - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant This is really a Power Play about who that really is Bran's Master Jonathan or Bran's father that always beat him and said vicious things about him. 

Jonathan know that he was angry on Bran's father the first time in Power Play vol.1 and therefore he need to apologizing, but also Bran need to be honest with himselves or they would not move forward again. 

Litlle by little Bran understand why Jonathan do what he do, only punishment when Bran is making a fool of himself or behaves like a spoiled brat. He also learn that with help of pain and sex he can get the endorfines to help with "mindspace" and stay, feel, see things differently, be at peace and just be there and nothing more.

Jonathan have some good friends and they learn Bran about who he is also and why he is with Jonathan, Bran is Surprised to face a giant of a superstar, giant in a physical sense as well. 

Devon Jonathan's old friend, past lover and dom, they meet on speciel occasion. Devon has his husband and slave Nicky, they both are actors and live a life different from others, masochists and the pain really are intense, strong and on a different lvl than Jonathan and Bran. Devon is scary and evil, that way that Bran really want to hide than stay. Devon ask Jonathan to make a scene with Nicky and in this scene, we see for the first time Bran to need his safeword "red" it is also that Bran need to understand that Nicky need pain on a much higher lvl than him and love it, but Devon have scared Bran for life.

Jonathan have learn of his His mistake to use other methods to show Bran that he belongs to this world and that there is nothing to be embarrassed about and that you are who you are, the outside world must not dictate how to live normally. Bran swear a lot and the only way is to use the swear jar, Jonathan really did not think that it would help, but Bran learn different than most of his others slaves and like the pain more.

Devon ask Jonathan that maybe he and Bran need a vacation to connect more with each other and Jonathan then make sure that he and Bran take a vacation to California and see his "cottage" there.

The "cottage" is really a Mansouri that is three-story high, glass- and wood mansion built right into the cliff. Bran is like a child in heaven, hé love the architect, see all the small detail and there they tell more about each other and the the truth about many bad things in their lives that they had to fight in their own way. 

There you will meet the most intense scene Bran and Jonathan have together, finally they both feel whole and in harmony with each other. I want to cry in the good way with this scene and what journey they have make together.

Their business trip to China is wonderful, they see the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, The Ming Dynasty Tombs ect. Bran learn that he is a good partner to Jonathan and that they have something that is different and great. But unlucky some paparazzo have taken some photos of them and Bran is angry and react very bad, Jonathan try to make Bran understand that he was not the person to make this bad, a long time is Bran so angry that he and Jonathan loose days where they could be together and have it really wonderful.

The change is Bran a last to see that he do not need to change from the outside world and just be who he is with Jonathan and know that he was wrong, he tell the truth about why he was angry and why he need the punishment, Bran have really change both Inside and out, more in peace and balance with himself and know his worth. Jonathan has shown the real abilities and strength in Bran, but also that this kind of relationship is possible, with love, support and warmth. 

This a love that is difficult and not where you say I love you the first time, to find out who you are and what you want the world to understand about you, never easy when your past always try to interfere every time you want to go forward. Love the way that both need to understand each other and just not imagining something about the other that is not true. To learn about ones mistakes and go forward from there, give each other the chance to show and learn more about you.

Recommend this book to the persons who like to read about bdsm and a love you have to fight for, a second chance in life and to find happiness, peace and support.

Wish there was a Power Play 3 Bran and Jonathan is perfect together, Master and slave, but also lovers and so much more :-) :-) :-)