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Special Forces - Veterans (Special Forces, #3) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan First of all I really hate konstantinov that have mind raped Vadim, Nelson are the next one that I hate he only Think that Vadim is a Possession as he do what he wants with and do not understand a no for an answer, only that he manage it all and threaten if you do not obey him. He tortured his victims and it would not surprise me if one has been killed during his captivity or more.
The last is katya for what she have done to Dan, but I have to forgive her, because that is what both Dan and Vadim do. She also give Dan Permission to see his daughter and visit, travel with his daughter and be a father to her. All this makes the forgiveness we must give katya after all. 

After Dan's first operation, Dan loses his soul and the ability to live his entire life has been special forces in one way or another. It was his desire even to retire in a few years and not in this way. The first hospital is also close to killing him, as they have taken the samples that nothing showed.

He said nothing to his family and friends, Dan looks just as bad as when he was blown up in Afghanistan. It is maggie the baroness as through her contacts that Dan are moved to a private hospital and they take new samples they find out that Dan has an inflammation that makes Dan undergo surgery again and take a lot of pills so inflammation can be killed. 

This operation succeeds and Dan go to physical therapy, but no one thinks about the psychological consequences of that Dan would not be the person he was before and everything has changed for him. Dan sees himself as a burden and not the soldier he once was.

Vadim makes the same mistake as Dan did not respond and that there is something wrong that Dan's drinking has gone out of hand and he does not speak more. There must first extreme things before Vadim realize that Dan will not live more and will lose him forever.

Vadim had almost lost Dan in a car accident, but fortunately Dan always lucky and do not have a scratch. Vadim take Dan into the mountains to begin at long last to speak open together on some things. What Dan's operation has meant to him and Dan even has a place in vadim's heart. 

Dan and Vadim begins anew to fix Dan's house and do that Dan finally feel at home.

Nelson is pursuing and threatening Dan and Vadim, he underestimate them and see just Dan as an old man that can do nothing and this gives them an

Jean have try to help a friend but he Commit suicide and come out in a drug addiction, police suspect Jean and Jean begin an alcohol abuse, both Dan and Vadim travel to France. It takes Dan and Jean a trip where they talk about the entire process, Jean tell something more as he love Dan, and Dan do not answer that, because Dan loves only Vadim (and his Daughter) and Jean is just a friend. 

Dan tell Jean that he almost been there too. Almost. Everyone make their own decisions and it is only them that decide what will happen. It's nobody's fault. They need to ask about help and see for themselves how Far out they are gone.

Dan want to make a network, international, for ex-special forces, that will be discreet and international. Maybe a name special forces association. All nationality and race. Sexuality don't matter. Vadim thinks it is a good idea and were they can talk to other without to think about their Language and tell what they have gone through without the civilians can hear it. This can hopefully do that others do not commit suicide. 

After meeting with the person who had tortured Vadim. Is he almost come to kill a person, this means that Dan contacts dr.williams, he says that Vadim need intense psychiatric treatment and that they need three months alone and that Dan must under no circumstances be in contact with Vadim.

Vadim is being treated for his PTSD and write a lot, and must learn to communicate with everyone, he will have good periods and bad periods. But always have to learn to write and communicate with others. 

Vadim also make a decision, he can not love two men, he love Dan more. Vadim tell Hooch that he love Dan. And that means that he can't hurt Dan. Some ways he want Hooch. But he get old with Dan, and Dan it hurts him.

Hooch understand and they are friends nothing more.

Dan read what Vadim has written and says he will never go to bed with the other, he did not know the injured Vadim so much. He will do everything that they stick together and preserve their love.

Only now have both spoken right out of everything and find each other again, both of their souls are finally they were the first time they met in Afghanistan. 

Vadim and Dan are at last talking to two of their childern Nikolai and Kisa, Anya do not want anything to do with Dan and Vadim. Katya are also talking to Dan and Vadim. They have a really bad start and it took some time before they could talk without to try and hurt each other.

Nelson are a really bad guy and use his power to make people do what he want and not understand when they do not want anything to do with him.

It is Maggie the baroness that find something Awful as Nelson has done by one person, George was tortured and survived, but never got over it, he tells Dan and Vadim this. First, he has not the strength to want a trial through, but second thoughts and want justice done.

Dan shows that he is a killer when he says to Nelson to have to stay away from Vadim, Dan, George and all his friends and family, or he can not live with the consequences. To Nelson only have his word for that scandal and the media did not become aware of this and not try to hurt anyone he knows.

Dan and Vadim are aware that if Nelson does not retreat, only to kill him and no conscience about this, because this is the last resort.

The fact that Vadim meetings Konstantinov is probably Nelson's revenge for not getting his way. 

There are many years after that when someday Vadim Ask for Dan if he want to marry him and that they can get partnership now and that he will not stand in the same position as the first time Dan had surgery. Dan is speechless and at first did not know what to say, but says eventually, yes, he'd love to marry Vadim. Vadim also says that it was Dan who caught bridal bouquet to Jean's wedding and Dan had forgotten.

The first then get the news to know is Maggie and she is very happy and says also that Dan and Vadim have been together for 25 years now, so it's their silver anniversary and this should be celebrated in style and she gets to arrange the whole wedding, so Dan and Vadim only approve the details.

They both are told Jean and Hooch on the good news, when Jean and Hooch to be their best men at the wedding. They say, of course, yes, and then there or sent invitations out to the wedding which takes place in January. 
Then there called them at all hours, in the middle of the night also. All those they have invited to come.

Duncan and his wife, their children and their wives and partners and grandchildren.
Kaya, Nikolai, Kisa and Anya with her boyfriend.
Jean and Solange. Hooch and Matt. Markus and Dima. Beauvais and John. Maurice. George. The team of Dan and Vadim saved. Friends and Mates of Spa which is approx. 15 persons who come. Dougie as Dan has been friends with for the past few years. 
Maggie and dr. William.

Their wedding is celebrated with style and Maggie is their wedding coordinator and love every moment of it, she make sure everyone is in edinburgh og All guests staying at fine hotels, the food, the music, everything is taken care of Maggie. This is also Dan and vadim's wedding gift and she has made sure that it is not for girly in it.

Everything is perfect for their wedding and guests are friendly and happy to Dan and vadim's happiness. 

Their wedding ring are of steel, and Dan have his traditionel Scottish costume on and it is he who finally being lifted up and carried over the door to their new lives as married.

They have been through hell and come out of it, with scars on the soul and has never lost the love for each other, there has been hatred, anger, fights, they have hurt each other, not been there when one of them needed support, and supported each other and wept with each other. They have fought against the odds and they have won each other and love. 

Alek has caught me in his net, with his intense and emotionally roller coster, all the strong personalities and insight into the psychological, physical, environment and many other things, his books make you think deeply.

Looking forward to reading about vadim's son Nikolai and who he is as a person.