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How to Save a Life - Sloan Parker I like to read the book 3/4 of the book did I have the connection to the MC, but 1/4 of the book I lost the connection to the MC and this I think was sad for the book was good. We saw most angles from both MC, minor characters. The only thing I needed was to feel and see what Seth goes through, to see things through his pov :-(

It's the reason that I lost the connection to the MC and I want to see things the way Seth see it his pov. That is why it four stars and not five, I really have want to give five, because I think the book is really good and the things that are happening is very realistic, both in the old building which has been converted into disco, these two rich families who have a connection to each other. 

I liked the way the MC meet each other and their attraction to each other, their efforts to find the missing young men, their differences, the way they fall in love.

Kevin and Walter is in my heart and hope that we get to hear more of them. 

I really need/want to read the books about Walter where I meet him the first time and his lover/husband :-)

I will recommending this book to them that want a book about crime, mystery and to find love, find out one self, who you are and to find happiness. This about a second chance in life, your identity.