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Gold Digger - Aleksandr Voinov Nikolai have a hard time with both his company and the person who he thought was only a few days of sex. Henri is a man who has been struggling and was afraid of being like his father.

Henri's uncle is not exactly one you want as a manager because he does not care if he destroys others' dream and only wants his will.

Mr. LeBeau senior is vicious, cold and also criminal, Henri does not like his uncle and would love to work with honest men.

Anya is vicious, cold and brutal against Nikolai and do not see him as his brother. The fact that she can not beat him this time because Nikolai think it's good to Anya's girlfriend has moved away from her and said no when she discovered that Anya had an affair with another, and the boy has Anya no rights.

She takes revenge by telling that Vadim is not Nikolai's biological father and never saw him as a brother, she steps on the other when she does not get her way.

Which I hate her because Nikolai have done no harm to her. at least he thinks of others' feelings.

It first appears as an affair of Nikolai and Henri, is more serious and emotionally than they could imagine.

All they try is not to hurt each other, Nikolai and Henri, but it is LeBeau senior who hurt both Nikolai and Henri.

Ruslan is an honest and hardworking person who considers equal human beings to work with and is one that does not give up. He is also one of the people who can provide Nikolai tranquility and peace of mind, confidence and support.

Vadim and Nikolai really try to be father and son, their relationship gets better and they are also both in the difficult moment give each other understanding, support and a push in the right direction. Nikolai realize that Vadim is and will always be his father and he is grateful for this, Vadim loves his son and wants to help him in what he decides.

There are also reflections about his father relationship and to have a relationship with an enemy may be the best and love.

Fortunately, Nikolai very open about sexuality and that his father is married to a man. He finds out he is probably bisexual and then there is nothing more to discuss about this.

Hope that maybe there will be a book more about Nikolai and Henri, Their relationship and feelings . More insight into Vadim and Nikolai's relationship as father and son. How Vadim / Dan and Nikolai / Henri relate to each other. 

The book is good and the characters' interaction with each other have the right speed, you get an insight into the characters and feel what they think and feel. Which makes you hope the company survives and the honest people will win.