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Dark Soul: The Complete Collection - Aleksandr Voinov Silvio is so intense that many can not look him in the eyes for long. Sensual, erotic, tough and intense, all these things are Dark soul. Silvio is not one you want as an enemy and his soul is old and dark, despite his young age. Mafia is indeed a hard and harsh environment to grow up in. Stefano is more the soft type and do not forget to live a normal life, despite his boss, he is easier to tears and would rather be able to live out his dreams both sexually and as boss .

Sparado brothers are intense, strong, and their killer instinct is deadly once they have set their goals on a person. Their souls are dark and all who meet them are brought over to them, in one way or another.

There are many mental battles between Silvio and Stefano, on the understanding to be the person you are and what makes you the person you are now.

You will be engulfed by Aleksandr Voinov books and this is only the second book I have read, I have been a big fan of him and I am very pleased to read the rest of his books.