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Warders: Volume One - Mary Calmes In this book your hear about warders.

In every City there are a Sentinel and every Sentinel has five Warders. They fight creatures and demons. The Sentinel is the oldest, seen the most action, and so is in charge.

Every Sentinel, every Warders, has to have a hearth: a home, a channel for safety, peace, love. A Warder must have a hearth or eventually they die.

For a Warder, their hearth-home is vital and necessary. A hearth makes a home for the Warder. There very few men that can be a hearth to a Warder as the Warder's energy drains the life force of most humans.

They live two complete and separate lives that need to be connected. The connection. If you're not grounded in the Real world, the day-to-day existence of a regular man, you lose your mind. You avoid that by having your hearth make a home for you, provide a life for you that has nothing to do with hunting and killing creatures of the night.

It's being with him/the one, knowing that he know everything about him and want him anyway. It's acceptance and unconditional love and safety.

Myth Incubus: just their presence alone would drain their partner once they're joined for the first time.

As Warder you should be ready on a moment's notice to make a life or death decision, and not wonder if what you was doing was right or wrong.

Him and Malic, him and all the others, they work great together, the killing is seamless, but that part is just training and ability. A Sentinel can find his Warders, know them when he sees them, and when he trains them, it triggers the speed, the strength, the power. Jael finding Ryan made him a Warder, but that's all it is. The Real part, the true part, is just about being a man and being loved. Having a hearth, a home, that's who he is, what he is.

In this book you will meet:

Jael Ezran the Sentinel

The pov change from the hearth to the Warders. Two of the stories is the hearth that tell about what happens and one story what it is the Warder that that tell the things.

These stories are not just about finding love, but to preserve the humanity and not end up in the madness.

I think this is a new way to look at the guardians of humanity, but also how difficult it is to maintain hope of finding his heart, his home.

This is not a bed of roses, but battles after battles. All Warders have a regular job and like everyone else has the problems of everyday life, either at work or with other people. 

I love to read this serie and like the different pov of the Warders and their hearths. A different supernatural book, about monsters and them that fight the monsters.

I would recommending this book to them that love to read about fights, supernatural and monsters. If you like to see Angel and Buffy the vampire slayer this books is something you will love to read, but more different from the tv Series.