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First Blood - Aleksandr Voinov, Barbara Sheridan Would like to write a long book review, but the whole thing is somewhat complicated.

Nikita is a new player in this deadly game between the good guys and the bad guys. He is a person who is mysterious, keeping his cards close to his body and dangerous to have as an enemy.

First, he is out to take revenge on the people who killed his testimony and that he had promised to protect.

Nikita meets Chris and there is an attraction of the same from both sides, I will not say that it was the most perfect way of meeting. When you think about what Nikita originally as plans to do about Chris in the beginning.

Chris playing a dangerous play with fire, in this case more with darkness, when Nikita has a darkness that is enticing and not to resist. Chris is like a moth being attracted to light and are playing a dangerous game with the life-and-death. 

John and Andrei are lovers, they love each other. In their own way they love Chris, but he can not understand and feel like the third wheel in the relationship, one that is in the way for John and Andrei.

John and Andrei are concerned about Chris because they are afraid he will be hurt in the end, they received information from someone who I do not trust and this gives a confusion between John, Andrei and Chris.

This is a complicated and confusing world, not everything is as it seems and some should not be trusted.

Nikita has a different sexuality, as Chris has seen little of, but not as intense as with Nikita.

Nikita and Chris are fighting with each other in all possible ways, Chris loses every time and will be even more attracted to Nikita.

This person I trust not, Stefan is a computer expert and he is the one who makes wrecks in between John, Andrei and Chris. 

They have a mission all four, they are a team and will make sure that slave trafficking stops. Andrei has been involved in this, as former attorney. He would testify against them and get the bad people behind bars.

But somewhere, some people been told about Nikita's mission, who is this mole and traitor? My suspicion is Stefan because he has all this information, but I could be wrong. 

Why would he just with this mission before he knew that Chris still had contact with Nikita. 

I loved reading this book even though it was complicated and confusing.

Nikita allusion to La femme Nikita as Chris thinks when he meets him for the first time.

This movie and series I know(orginal with Peta Wilson), it is so good and cool that Alexandr has written a series where it is two gay couples we follow.

Many things from the GORGON has the same principles as in La Femme Nikita, independent organization with strong forces. Agents who are enrolled in a special way, difficult at all to find information about people exist. Armoury, profiles, psychologist, etc. 

I hope that Alexandr will continue writing the series, because I feel we need to find out some things. Why Chris punished for something that ultimately gave them a small victory? Who the hell is this mole and is there also a mole in GORGON? PLEASE Aleksandr will you not make a sequel to the books, where we follow Chris, Nikita, Andrei and John?

I would recommending this book to those who like to read about agents, life-threatening situations, confusion and complicated things.

Those who know La femme Nikita will quickly see that GORGON has the same principles and will love it this time that it is two men we follow. LOVE IT :-D please give me some more

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