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A Chip in His Shoulder - L.A. Witt Liam is a vampire/Assassin, he got $10 million to kill Daniel Harding, that is only son to his father Mr. Harding and it is his father that want him out of the way, cruel world, evil father and maybe also the son. In the future, they have a lot of modern stuff, but still need to produce something so vampires can be out in the daylight. I really do not know if I like Liam or will hate him ?!? Good guy or bad guy ?!?

Liam are maybe not a good guy, but still he did not kill the robber who or would have killed and stolen from him, but he gave instead the robber some money and spared his life. It was the rich people that have not help the weak and poor, who turned Liam to who he is today. Assassin to survive a cruel world. He is neither a good guy or one of the bad guys.

Liam was before one of the rich people, but Daniel destroy his future. So he now have to have blood on his hands to live. So he have seen both the good and the bad things. He really do not know if he want to kill Daniel or not, but it was easy to get in, but now he can't get out, so he need Daniel and now I think he want to kill Daniel's father too. Cat and Mouse games. Who is really the bad?!? not Liam or Daniel.

One of the really bad guys is Daniel's father, he know Liam's weaknesses Daniel and the sun. Daniel have hope someone would kill his father, before they decide to kill Daniel next, he are not surprise to see Liam. Daniel have changed and he want to save Liam, but destroyed Liam's world instead, it was never his meaning that it had to end that way. Daniel is not a bad guy, he want to save his ex-lover, not hurt him.

Both Liam's father and Daniel's father are cruel, they want to be the most powerful vampire and human in the world. Daniel's father have made the uv mode, but he does not want to sell it, because when there are any more vampires that want that uv mode, they lose money. Liam have been mode so many times, and a few times almost lost his life. Daniel just want to help. Victor Lansing do not like humans Liam's father.

I really hate Mr. Harding senior, he is a evil man. He just want more money and he was also the one to kill Gibson, just because he did not do what Harding want him to do. All investigations now, is only to make more money, they already have found out about nano technology that can heal sunlight and uv mod. Money-grubbing old man, I hate him. Daniel want to tell the world about that and now he is a target.

Mr. Harding have make sure his son Daniel is under house arrest, so if he try to escape then he will die, a mod. That will kill him. Evil old Mr. Harding, he should burn in hell. Daniel have found out a lot about what his father do, but he need to survive to tell the true and how evil his father is, abuse of power, fraud, misdirecting research, code violations, accepting bribes etc. he will go straight to jail.

It's ironic that Mr. Harding will destroy the person who has the most mod. Liam and he wants to kill his son who will destroy the whole mod. Industry. Daniel has fortunately made sure to have a secret account that will send all the information about Mr. Harding to a handful of people who will carry out the work which fails to Daniel. Courageous, reckless or a hero, can't decide that what he is?!?!

Poor Liam, to survive the Gutter he first was a Prostitute, hacker and eventually assassin to survive and make money. But money is also used to help the poor with medicine, he has a conscience. Daniel have try to find and save Liam, he did not know that things developed so quickly, that he never have the time to warn him. Daniel still love Liam and he will not fight Liam even if he know he will die.

That was a really hot kiss, both Daniel and Liam still love each other, Liam just need find about his feelings and be true to himself. Liam need to take the chip out of Daniel's shoulder otherwise they can not escape, the chip has a deadly substance that will react if they try to hack out or try to escape, both will end fatally. Liam need to be fast to take the chip out, they need to trust each other again.

Right now I want to beat them both on the head. It does not help anything now not to trust each other and for God's sake, it do not help you to aim with guns after each other and hurt the person who can help you, DANIEL. Can not they talk it through, instead of shooting each other LOL. They still need to survive Mr. Hardings guards and the sun.

Damn, it must hurt like hell to get the chip out without painkillers and they are now on equal in terms of hurting each other physically. Daniel's blood is exclusive and seductive, Liam has such good control over his instincts that he did not kill Daniel. Liam heal Daniel after surgery and then they need to be fast to escape. No time to relax yet, they just need to survive the guards, cameras and sun.

Then they just have to manage to climb 30 floors down and cheating the guards, this is hard enough that they both have a shoulder that is hurt and hurt like hell. Daniel was almost about to lose his live when they climb down the elevator shaft. Liam has a plan to get to Daniel's car and Daniel just have to follow his orders. now Daniel has a gun at his head and need to do what Liam say and trust him in this.

They cheated the guards to believe there are six bombs in the elevator and Daniel will trigger them at the touch of his computer. Daniel and Liam reaches the car, Daniel gets the car cut free, but some shoot at them with illegal weapons which injure Liam two places. Damn get out there guys. Mr. Harding senior, you will murdered by an assassin and there is already a bullet with your name on it, I hate him *Grr*

Daniel and Liam's only chance is to get to the Gutter, but even there they need to the struggle to survive. But first, Liam need to survive being shot in the stomach and the nanotechnology is not fast enough to heal him, Liam needs blood from Daniel and Daniel gives him without doubting him. But now Daniel is more bad, because he has lost more blood. Liam is feeling better, but nothing to boast about.

This is as fatal, and all the times they were in danger of losing their lives. Fatal chip in the shoulder, climb down 30 floors, being shot at and finally get through a deadly fan and almost losing there life again in a long tunnel. This is one danger after another and they survive despite the fact that both are injured. This is a very dangerous world they live in. Enough danger for one day, finally safe now.

Finally, in safety, Liam's apartment is very spartan, but they can have a bath and be clean again. Their shower was hot, very erotic and sensual. Finally, they talk honestly with each other, they are a couple again and love each other. Richard Harding has underestimated them and now there will be a battle of life and death again, but when Daniel and Liam makes the rules. Richard will go to jail or die.

This is a different way to see vampires and in this world people know that vampires exist. This is a future world that is scary, violent, greedy people, assassins and it is not always to see who is the good and the bad people. This is not only in white and black, but also something in between things. You even need to decide whom to trust and whom you will end up being assassinated by. 

The gutter are a place where the poor people live and where you need to know who can help you and who will use to their purpose, either for prostitution, murder or hacker. You need to know if you want to do anything, to survive and get money.

There are many surprises and love to see different view about the future world and the race on the planet.

I will recommend this book to those who like/love to read about vampires and sci-fi, and a lot of surprises.