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The Flesh Cartel #4: Consequences (The Flesh Cartel Season 2: Fragmentation) - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau Dougie is so afraid that he will not eat his food on the table, as this may be a test. So he eats his food like a dog. He says to the camera "see asshole? I'm a good dog. Eating on the floor just like you hoped". That hurt, because then Nikolai already is beginning his brainwash on him. Torture and rapes have made him afraid, resistance will give more pain and this will Dougie avoid at all costs.

Dougie is afraid to sleep in the bed, he thinks to sleep in the kennel, but decides finally to sleep under the table and use the chair to warn him. All his rapes have frightened him and he will have a chance to fight back even if it's hopeless, consequences or not. Poor Dougie :-( , so afraid and lonely. He just want to be safe and happy, all that have been taken away by Nikolai, his slaves and other people.

Nikolai likes this mind game and brainwashing with Dougie, he enjoys having power over others. Even if Dougie has the title Ph.D. but it is something different to reality and to fight opponent in mind games. Matt is exhausted and have cried in pain for eleven hours now, if he not get him to be more amenable Nikolai have other methods to make him docile and cooperative. Nikolai is a demon and evil, I hate him.

Nikolai has scared Mat with the injections and the pain that comes with it, but twelve hours of pain is unbearable and frightening. Mat will protect his brother at any cost, if he can get Nikolai to rape him instead of his brother, he has won a mental and physical battle. Unfortunately, Nikolai is a strong superior to Mat, and he will lose the first several matches. Mat has his pride and a brother to protect.

Nikolai use psychological means to make Dougie unsure of himself and what he believes. He uses words like Mat do not love him anymore and will never do it after Dougie raping and torturing him, that his parents did not love him. Roger is a means to brainwash Dougie, self-doubt and reality, make him manageable over time. This is a mental struggle to preserve reality and one's personality. Mental Torture.

Nikolai train Dougie with manipulation with affection and denial: Nikolai isolate him physically and mentally, he make a thousand little cracks in Dougie's faith and relationship, feeding him doubts so close to truth, that they very well could be truth. He wedge himself firmly Inside thise cracks via a volatile mix of kindness, understanding and brutality. He need to get through it with his body and sanity intact.

Mat takes a bath and gets hygiene clean again after a long time. But he find Nikolai waiting and on the table is a capped syringe. Mat stopped up short, breath catching so hard he feel dizzy. "No.No, not again". Nikolai gives him an order. Mat wouldn't give Nikolai an excuse to use the syringe. Mat can not take his eyes off the syringe. "Consequences" that word made him shudder. "the needle. The needle on the table.

Nikolai says Mat can not avoid it. "Avoid what? What have I done this time"? Mat is feeling he is going insane. Nikolai want Mat to inject himself with the syringe. Mat try to beg, but in the end he gives up. This is some kind of sick test and if he did not take the syringe, the he have received that syringe with pain. "he must struggle, but he must let the Master win in the end. And the end come when he decide it.

The lesson today for Mat is: "he must struggle, but he must always let his Master win in the end. And the end comes when he decides it, not when he do". Follow those rules and he may find himself feeling this good. The injection has some kind of truth serum and Mat tells the truth about that he will not be able to change the situation and in all cases will die, but Dougie he will survive he is smart.

Mat knows that he is not as strong as Dougie, not strong enough to give up and save himselves. But for Dougie, he will do it. Nikolai is also sure of this. He tells Mat "he is the best" about the training of him and promised Mat that he will not die. Mat just told that he had given up his life if it were not for Dougie, Suicide. That hurt and make me sad, Mat think he is weak because he can not adapt :-(

I have no pity for Nikolai that he has bitten off more than he can handle and not have his master to help him. He wants to control others without them being broken. He Do have compassion for Mat and he promises that Mat will not be killed, but this is not enough to stop hating him. He still is a sadist and demon. Not one I will stop hating in a long time, not one I will love either. HATE Nikolai *Grrr*

Nikolai is training Dougie again, now he use sex as a gift and punishment. He want Dougie to love and get pleasure even if he gets raped by his Master or others. First he start to give Dougie pleasure in the act of sex, but when it seem that Dougie have not understand the Consequences of his disobey, he also raped him and is doing this to give him a lesson in who have the power and that Dougie only is a pleasure slave and that he need to understand that. Nikolai have his mindgames and Dougie have lost every time.

Dougie should also learn that he will learn to pleasure his Master, even if he think it is disgusting with anal sex and to
lick one in the anus. He will learn that he have to stay in one Position for several hours, although this gives unbearable pain. He will be bound in positions that are uncomfortable and this will be the best that he show obedience, silence and an understanding of what his master wants before he himself is aware of this.

To last Nikolai give Dougie as reward a kiss, he say that Dougie need to be hygiene clean and presentable, always be ready to his master can take pleasure in him and not be a crying baby, as this is not sexy and inviting. That his Master do not need to fight with something like a sheet to get enjoyment.

Roger is someone who has gone through the same mental and physical torture, his brainwashing is complete. He believes that it is right that he has been saved by Nikolai and that life as a sex slave is the real reality. I do not know if I should hate him or feel if he is a poor person, in this I am not sure. I am sure I do not like that he LOVE Nikolai so much and is so LOYAL to him.

Dougie and Mat need someone who is not so loyal to Nikolai and do not love him so much, and still have their identity and still fight through their brainwash. I hope they will find that person, even if the chance are small.

This book and series is a gem, this is psychologically thrilling and a struggle to maintain one's identity and what we know is the right reality. This is both mental and physical torture, trying to maintain the reality and not go insane.
I love this serie and really hope there is many books to read in this serie.

This is the first book I have read that make me that much Psychological tired and made me dizzy, this is psychology to the extreme. But this makes the book so much more interesting and thrilling. If you can bear to read about extreme situations and can manage to go beyond one's limits. Then this book and the series is a gem and favorite that you will love to read.

I recommend this book to everyone that want to read very dark books and go beyond one's limits.