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The Flesh Cartel #3: Choices (The Flesh Cartel Season 2: Fragmentation) - Heidi Belleau, Rachel Haimowitz Nikolai Petrovic, he trains boutique sex slaves for the wealthiest and most morally dubious men. He find the raw material in Mathias Carmichael and Douglas Carmichael. He need to break their greatest loyalty of All: their dedication to each other. Dougie, manipulated with affection and denial. Mat, controlled by pain and fear.

Mat can't understand that it was Dougie that punished him. His own brother, that never want to hurt anyone, have hurt him and done the punishment. Mat only think that he want to sleep and want the pain to go away. Dougie are hurting too, he want to be with his brother, but no one want to answer his questions. He is confused and has only one hope left that Mat will forgive him and that they will always be together.

Poor Mat now It's his turn to get gang raped by the guards, they rape him in pairs and individually. They continue for many hours, perhaps as many hours as when Dougie was raped the first time. They take the plug out and turn it, trying to get futher in. Only to hear Mat scream of pain and hear him beg them to stop. 
Both Mat and Dougie wants to be insane, but their hopes for each other keeps them sane.

Dougie feel he go insane, nobody are talking to him or harm him. Mat are not so lucky, not the same people but as bad and evil, they forced him to go with a big plug, people are more professional and know where the limits are to others, they force others to obey. Mat got a better room, but he's damned with sadists of people without conscience. They are in a RV now to some new place and a new hell.

Mat is in hell again. Gang raped again and for many hours, they do anything to him. Mat can sleep now and get some real food., but they are doing different things to him and he still have the big plug in his body. He sometimes thinks them as sort of ally? not fully enemy? They changed his mind, not good. I hate the new enemy and bad people. Different tactics and they are succesful, damn.

Can not decide if I should hate Roger or think about as a poor person, he has gone through the same as now Matt goes through. But I do not like that he love Nikolai, his Master. Matt is strong-willed and has not forgotten his brother, he will seduce the people that he is sure that know of what has happened to Dougie. Damn plug is a torture instument that can either cause arousal or pain.

Roger love Nikolai and will follow every order that he give, Roger is loyal to Nikolai. It seem like they maybe are lovers, but Roger have been trained by Nikolai and been brainwashed, he love his torturer and rapist. This is mind games there will change you in body and mind. Roger have 4-5 others guards with him, that are very professionel and know how to make a prisoner obey and they gang rape Mat all the long way to the new place, over many days and many times.

Nikolai threatens that if Mat does something to him, he will kill Dougie. Mat may be trained in a few months, but still retain his strong fighting spirit, hatred and twinkle in his eyes. Everything depends on the Mat obey any order and not resist, all resistance has consequences and are punished. The injection Mat get will cause pain for six hours. Nikolai enjoys watching his capture in pain.

Nikolai are more nice to Dougie a least in the beginning, but it is only to make Dougie obey the order he will get later. Dougie think that Mat have left him and that he will never see his brother. Dougie is easier to control. This use Nikolai and give Dougie some gifts before becoming more serious in his training of Dougie. he really know how to control the brothers, damn Master, I hate him.

Nikolai say that Mat have choices and consequences, Mat choose how his stay will be. Nikolai wants both Dougie and Mat will enjoy being raped and provide other sexual pleasures, Mat must keep his hatred in his eyes and know that everything depends on him how to Dougie will be treated or killed. These are choices and consequences. Different ways to control and brainwash the brothers, a true hell.

Nikolai are first nice to Dougie, but give Dougie the same choices and consequences. Dougie try to win the mind game, but Nikolai is to experienced and know how to get his win in this game. Dougie do not want to be hurt anymore and know now that Mat are in the same place, he want to obey. Damn brainwash and mind game, either it is pain or gifts. Nikolai, I hate, hate and hate him. Damn he is really a Master.

The brothers are in a new hell, by more professionel peoples, their new Master know about what way to train the two brothers. Nikolai use different metodes on the brothers. But he need to change their mind of thinking and the way of their new life. Now there only slaves and Master, obey or suffer, choice and consequences. That the way Nikolai will train the brothers.

The injection that Nikolai give Mat to obey, are made to give pain without he lose awareness. It's nano technology with some Substances, not something that will harm his body, but will give one pain for six hours. Poor Mat got the injection two times, so 12 hours pain and he are helpless, but his hatred are growing and maybe that will help him in the end or that is what I hope.

I will recommend this book to others who like and love to read books out of comfort zone,. This is a book which is far beyond one's limits, this is a world that is raw, brutal, psychologically thrilling, brainwashing, choices and consequences, mind games.