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The Flesh Cartel #2: Auction (The Flesh Cartel Season 1: Damnation) - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau Nikolai is cruel and has seen the brothers, he will buy them both for himself.

Matt is stubborn and not giving up, he fights with everything he has and will not surrender.

Dougie's easier to get under control, he obeys already ones order. He is stubborn in his own way.

Both brothers are unfortunate, they are forced into a world of violence, rape and submission. They have no human rights anymore.

This time it Mat that is raped, one guard. The guard also use his nightstick to rape Mat. They guards will torture Dougie and Mat as long that they can and gang rape the brothers. 

Mat and Dougie are in hell, no one will help them.

Mat have found out that they work in pairs, spread out of three shifts.
They do not have any morals about to rape the prisoners. 

Mat try to get the guards' attention, he will sacrifice himself being beaten and raped, everything to Dougie escape, more or less intact. 

There hear each other screaming and crying, they feel empty and disheartened. How could they change their guards choices and help them.

Mat and Dougie's nightmare never seem to end, not even when they must be washed clean, either the guards or the assistant who rape, beat them and speak condescendingly to them. This is a different day, but what happens now to Dougie and Mat.

They are forced into BDSM equipment, collars and other things. Mat has in mind to take the sharp knife, but Dougie pray with eyes not to take the knife.

The bitch tell Dougie that she sell him and his brother, they will never get the choice to suicide, they would never be free again. Mat comes in a cage again and he can see other prisoners, they are all naked and would not talk to others, they are embarrassed. No one has been beaten, it's Mat's stubbornness which got him beaten.

The bitch tell Dougie that he have to take 20 men, if he want Mat to follow him to the new buyer. She also now It's time for the show. Dougie can not do anything, just follow orders or his brother will die.

On the scene Dougie are doing what the bitch say, Dougie is raped again by the guards, now in pairs again, he is hurting and the new buyer just laugh and want to see more.

Mat see this also and his hate and anger, they are used it against him, but what hurt the most is that dougie are is forced to carry out his brother's punishment, he uses an instrument that rape Mat and expandable. This hurts on both brothers and both begging for it to stop.

The bitch show audience Mat how extended his anus is and how much he has been raped.

Then begins the bitch saying that now begins who will pay a certain amount to get the brothers. Only when the amount reaches one million, starts Nikolai to be in the game, he wins by paying half a million for both brothers. Matt and Dougie do not know this because the buyers are wearing masks, and do what they want.

First, the brothers go through a process again before they go to Nikolai. 

I think that Nikolai will save his true identity and evil for the brothers, but at some point they will figure it out and it will hurt them a lot and they will hate him.

Nikolai is a demon who has the best to hurt and control others, his element is dark, evil, others are afraid of him, hurt and beat the others are his element.

Love this book and highly recommend it to others who like to read Dark books and out of comfort zone.