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The Flesh Cartel #1: Capture (The Flesh Cartel Season 1: Damnation) - Rachel Haimowitz, Heidi Belleau Dougie 23 years old Ph.D. Student, Mat 29 years old fight games. They are brothers and try to help each other and they stay just above water to pay the bills. Matt is in illegal fights and has been very unlucky the last several times where he unfortunately lost. He has come home bruised and lost something of himself in the fighting. 

Their brothers love shows in that they will protect each other and will do anything that the other is safe. They are trying to protect each other for the cruel world and are both in their own way a hen, they are worried and afraid of what will happen with each other. 

Unfortunately, someone spotted Dougie and want him trained a slave. Then one evening, four unknown muscle men and they are very high, Dougie looks small compared to them.

Unfortunately, they decided to first have some fun with him before they drive him to his unknown place, but Matt comes right at the last minute and we believe he will save his brother out of the situation, but once again the four upper hand over both brothers.

Mat is forced into a small cage where he can not move. He is powerless to help his brother and can only see and hear on the four men raping Dougie.

Dougie gets gang raped for ten hours of the four unknown men, they both rape him individually and together. He tries to beg them to stop, but of course they do not stop. This makes them just more interested in raping him and hurt him. 

Mat is so tired and scared that he falls asleep during the ten hour drive and his brother's rape, he is tired of being scared and powerless. He is very angry and has a rage that could save his brother in the long run, they'll have to be patient and wait until there's a chance to flee.

It is mentally hard and degrading to see a family member being raped and beaten, that use their kidnapper to have control over the brothers.

It requires a much inner strength to not go mad when subjected to mass rape and that this is going on for ten hours. This force will save Dougie and help him when they decide to escape and get their freedom back. 

When they finally come to the site, Dougie and Mat meet a rich pig of a woman. She's mean and forcing the brothers to new humiliating things, Mat must lick his brother clean after rape or he will be shot full of heroin and thrown out somewhere and die.

Mat can not do this and are punished for it, Dougie hits him once and then he says no.

Oddly enough, it is Rick, J and the two other men who raped Dougie who persuade the rich bitch to give Dougie and Mat a chance.

Dougie and Mat is forced to a room where they will be washed clean and examined by a doctor.

This doctor forcing them to enjoy rape and forced into BDSM, this is humiliating and they will also filmed for a new buyer. 

This is a brutal, harsh and humiliating book, where all the rich people do what they want and not go to prison for it. Emotional roller coster and quickly hatred of evil people.

One should not be too sensitive, if you want to read this series for this is very dark and you come out of your comfort zone.

I am very pleased to read on and see how it goes with Dougie and Mat. There will be more humiliating situations and new people to hate and be angry. Situations where you want to throw up.

I would recommend this book and series to others who want to read it.