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Forever: Sequel to Thirty Days - Shayla Kersten Cavan still go to a psychiatrist with Dr. Merten, who brainwashes him to believe that Biton and Cavan's relationship is wrong, she also says that he can not talk to Biton on their conversations. She also lies to Cavan, which makes him sad and confused, he do not trusts her anymore. This means that he eventually runs away and long finally get to say stop to it he does not feel is right.

In the meantime, Maxwell Wainwright pulls things protracted and says he has an offer that is much better. In return, he will have less time in prison and protection.

Samuel also have the courage to come forward and testify against Wainwright, has been kidnapped.

Antonio fears that Cavan has also been chosen as targets because he too will testify against Wainwright and warn Biton to be careful. 

But unfortunately Cavan gets kidnapped and Biton is shot, but survives. Biton has been shot in the shoulder and thinking now only to save Cavan and Samuel as they certainly have been kidnapped to the same place.

Bitonknow that Wainwright will call his master and that they just need to have their telephone conversation to catch and finding Cavan.

Biton and Antonio also finds out that Wainwright's attorney James Tanner is part of the conspiracy and that he go in prison.

Meanwhile, Cavan is tortured again and told that he must die so that he can never testify against them.

Cavan is so brave that he frees Samuel and finally goes against Wainwright's master and finally gives Fairfield a fight where he beats him down.

Cavan go into hospital again because they have beaten him and he must be inspected at a hospital.

Dr. Merten comes into the room where Cavan is and Biton standing by the bed and talking together. Merten says that she is Cavan's psychiatrist, and Cavan and Biton's relationship is wrong and what Cavan and she was talking about that he do not have any right to know. she determined the rules for Cavan and although it confuse Cavan and injure him.

Cavan is so brave and tell Merten you're fired, and falls asleep, he is the only that can fire her.

Criminals I hate and hope never comes out again:
Maxwell Wainwright
James Tanner

And the psychiatrist as I hate Dr. Merten because she thinks the relationship is wrong Cavan/Biton, she does not like gay and BDSM and think that she can change Cavan not to be gay.

The book follows up on thirty days and the fight gets to understand the world around him, to know about his own feelings and sensations.

Intense situations, emotional roller coster.