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Houseboat on the Nile - Tinnean It is about Mark Vincent WBIS, he is the number one agent and the Best. Quinton Mann CIA, he is the Golden boy from the orginisation. Both is stubborn and have a obsession with each other. They are making mind games with each other and want to see who is the first to beg.

Pierre de Becque Devision/Tactics are a good friend to Mark and fuck-buddies, he want to make sure that Quinton is the right man to Mark and that he is not hurting Mark.

Babineaux Devision is the head of com and get the titel only at the age 20, want to do everything to help Pierre, his partner is Giuliani, maybe they are more than partners in the Devision, Lovers too.

Pretty boy, sweetcheeks, spike are male prostitutes and good friends with Mark, they were his landlords before he need another place to live. He have help Them in bad situations and they are very grateful for that.

Poor Pretty boy got hurt by Sperling, that bastard. Pretty boy got four of his ribs fractured, one so bad it punctured his lung, causing the hemothorax. His shoulder was dislocated and his nose was broken. The scalp bled like a bastard.

Sperling is also the one that make sure Mark lost his team and are not taking his responsibilities seriously, he would rather rise through the ranks and do not think of all the agents' lives are lost because he did not have the information they needed. He just want to play golf and are saying he are making Connections, just one big Lie and one that cost many good agents their life. Hate that guy and he should not have been in the organisation that long, but should been fired the first time when Mark lost his team, but with rich connections he still kept his job. 

Marks friends the male prostitutes understand him and are never asking about Marks job, he will do everything to make sure they are save and no one gonna hurt Them and get away with it. He Hunt them down and make sure they disappear or are so afraid that they never come there again. 

Matheson is a good guy and want to make sure he be as good as Mark, a good agent and one Mark seem to be proud of and are training him to be the senior agent.

It seem Mark have many things to see into Matheson, Quinton and some new things, only to make sure where he have Them.

I like the POV the book has, that you see what Mark and Quinton are thinking about and what kind of person they are, their mind games, obsession with each other, their confusion, all their emotions and the love that really are there, even if both is stubborn about that too. Not one you want as enemy, and you are against the Best from CIA and WBIS, they make sure you know it some way or another.

I really are interest in if they finally do admit that they are in love and need each other, and not because of the mind games.