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Songs of the Earth - Lexi Ander Right now I hate three people, Theo Sullivan who was Tristan's Bashert but never consummated the bond between them. Theo was a liar, cheater and not a good alpha, he took all the profits that Tristan had invented to help his people.

Daniel Sullivan is an evil person that is a false Bashert and thus had the title of alpha mate, even Theo's children do not trust him.

So finally there is one from the old council member that I hate, and Theo has also been in bed with him. Many people have no respect for their king.

Poor Tristan, he has helped so many and so he's been stepped on and mocked, abused and was near death.

Fortunately, there are a few people whom he can trust and who is honest, they will help him and take care and protect him and his family.

He has Ushna and expecting twins, it should be Ushna and Brian who is his Bashert and not Theo.

Gregori and a few council members who they can trust, Theo does everything for personal gain and even in death he will cause problems for Tristan.

I really hope he caught and punished all the traitors and kill those who would do him harm. 

No one from his former tribal thinking about Tristan's feelings and how he feels that Theo did so much harm to Tristan that he lost his smile and cry every day.

Long time ago there have been such people that I really hate and hope that they all get the punishment. 

You'll get answers to some of the things, but there comes new issues forward.

Intricate and fascinating book, deep feelings and fight for what is right, that you are not alone and there will always be someone to support and understand. But much hatred, despair and understanding.