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Twin Flames (Sumeria's Sons) - Lexi Ander It is the beginning of Lycans, of Enkidu and Gilgamesh their ancestors. Enkidu and Gilgamesh is twin flame to each other Bashert. Their destiny is to be reborn and find each other again. The warriors of Royal family and all their sons, the strong love. God Enki is the ancestor to Enkidu.

Twin flame Bashert is a life Bond that Will complete your soul until the next death and rebirth.

Tristan Janick almost die of flame neglect and Bond poisoning. All because of Theodore Sullivan that have sex with seven people, and have the excuse to say he want pups and one of the people he have sex with is a man, just hate what Theodore do to his Bashert. His action Can very well lead to Tristan's death.

Tristan want the Bond broken, even if could die in the process. Gregori Borchetta the Lycan Magi and the most powerful in five hundred years, help Tristan to break to Bond, only Gregori and Ushna Ahura-Yzda stay with him.

Ushna have loved Tristan since he was a boy and their love have bond them together, they have the Emblem of Enki and is the Signe of the Kings of Enkidu royal line. Ushna is marked as Tristan's consort. Both bear the marks of the Royal couple.

Only the Royal family have the power to control warriors and Magi's and other Lycans. The 14 warriors have given oath to Tristan. Tristan is the ultimate Alpha of the Lycans, a Royal Xenres of the Siamak line, the ruling family of all people. The Royals of the Lycans had always had the ability to anchor and command the Lupe battle form, allowing the man to be alle to control the beast.

Some from the Magi want to kidnap Ushna, blackmail Gregori and kill Tristan, why?? More questions than there are answers.

There are many details that go together to form a whole, werewolves and magic, gods / goddesses. Background to the werewolves origin, the strong bond of love, reincarnation and to stand strong as the person you are, fight for love. 

I'd love to know more about Tristan and Ushna's relationship as lovers.

Enkidu and Gilgamesh are both men and had many sons, the royal family has the ability to bear children, although both are men. So they do not need a woman.

This is an exciting way to see werewolves and how their system is built. About magic and betrayal, love and hate, fear and strength, forgiveness and understanding. Werewolves have always interested me because they are magical and mysterious.

Here you get werewolf's beginning and the story of their ancestor, which is filled with love and fight for your love. 

I know that there is Volume 2, which will tell me more about Tristan and Ushna what's changed and who are their enemies and answers to some things I'd like to know.

The gods as interfering in their affairs and whom Tristan and Ushna might have been in a previous life.

I will wait patiently for Volume 3 is released and hope that they get more friends and supporters as the enemy might not give up right away and their lives are still in danger.