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Clean Slate - Aleksandr Voinov, Barbara Sheridan This about the agents Chris and John, they have a mission. Andrei is their target and they need to kill him, but there are some who have come in ahead and hire killers kill all, it's all a bloodbath.

Andrei has been shot and is still alive, but only barely, John and Chris disagree whether to save him or complete their task. 

They are told from the top to save Andrei and driven him to the hospital. After being on the operating table, the doctors out he suffers from amnesia and can not remember his name or what he's doing, especially in this country.

John and Chris agree that they play his lovers and Andrei have come out of a car accident after an argument with them. 

They go home to Andrei's house, as this will hopefully trigger his memory and find out how different John and Chris are both in behavior and thinking.

John is the old fashioned type, he would like to be seduced with dining, cinema and serious talk with emotion, attitude to life and he will stand by his lover, only to have that person and no other. 

Chris is more the type who seems like he lives life one day at a time and take things not so seriously. We never know quite where we have him.

Andrei seems like the same type as John and has much of the same mindset as John.

Their time together in Andrei's house, is very emotional and very chaotic and complicated.

Andrei is very clever and intelligent, during their time together, he has seen through John and Chris. He knows Chris weak point and talk to Chris about this, which almost lead to a fight.

John and Chris have a lot of matches against each other, both physically and with harsh words. 

There are battles against their common enemies, the Russian mafia and some within the banking group, criminals do not shun some funds with murder, kidnapping and threats.

Andrei remember that he is a lawyer and he is some important information about this, but unfortunately his enemies on the track of him again. 

The end was what I had hoped for and this was really very complicated with John, Chris and Andrei. Their feelings, the struggle to find love and fight for love. This has nothing to do with love at first sight and but struggles both mentally and physically. 

Gorgon is very similar to Section one from la femme Nikita, which is a super agent series and I enjoyed watching when I was younger.

This book I loved to read, whether agents, enemies and that you do not always quite know who are the good guys and bad guys. The whole plot is full of a lot of surprises and very complicated, and I love when not everything goes according to plan and you will have to change one's views at all times.

I would recommending this book to those who like to read about agents and complicated relationship. Enemies who may not be enemies, and good guys who maybe are the evil guys.