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The Flesh Cartel #5: Wins and Losses (The Flesh Cartel Season 2: Fragmentation) - Heidi Belleau, Rachel Haimowitz Nikolai's torture of the brothers started already during transportation to his villa, which was Dougie subjected to deprivation of human contact, no food and water for five days? Matt was raped during the journey, he got food and water, but only if he resisted to fight back. Both their torture helps Nikolai to have tools to change and transform them into the image he wants them. Willing slaves who will do all for their master. 

Roger, Nikolai's trophy and special slave is a tool to cast doubt on Dougie about his brother.

Nikolai gave the brothers choice with consequences, that their choices but what will be the consequences of their actions?

The book wins and losses start where the vol.5 ended, they have now been about two to three days in Nikolai's custody.

 The brothers torture continues, Nikolai use pain and pleasure for both brothers.

Mat is forced to think about what will save him, besides his brother. Get him to realize if they never see each other again, what would make him still wanting to live.

Nikolai give gifts to Mat so he can recover his strength back, but also asks questions of where he thinks he can win, and that he should never try to lie to him. Nikolai punishes Mat to outrage his property and whips Matt until he realizes all this. 

Nikolai's threats and give pain to Mat, has its effect and eventually he surrendered of his own free will to be raped. This is Nikolai's reward for Matt when he realizes all this.

Nikolai leads another tactic with Dougie. Now he forces Dougie to find enjoyment by giving him a plug which can not be turned off without help, since Nikolai have the key to open up so that the plug can be taken out and he can ejaculate. 

He forces Dougie to believe that Mat will never have anything to do with him when he finds out what Dougie has done to survive.

Nikolai forces Dougie to find pleasure in rape, surrendering to his master.

Dougie choose to lie which gives the consequence of that he will be forced to find enjoyment and to keep the plug on every single day until he realized what Nikolai asks of him. He will be milked daily of either Nicholas or Roger, 10 mm each and every day. 

Their brainwashing and torture has reached a very high level, Nikolai is a master of that change and transform people who normally would never choose this lifestyle.

The fact that he keeps brothers apart is a trategy in controlling their thoughts, actions. Nikolai is the only one they can talk to, makes this switch is their only connection to reality, a reality that Nikolai determine and control.

Roger explained that he had previously been in the same situation as Mat, he has learned to see the world in the way that Nikolai and his former master has trained him. 

Nikolai is an intelligent and smart gentleman who has many years experience in manipulating and brainwashing people to believe that the reality they have now is the right and failure to obey orders consequence will be a lot of pain and no human contact, only Nikolai.

Nikolai do I still hate, but I can not help but admire his ability to distort the truth of his prisoners, this ability shows that not only is he good at distorting the word you are trying to defend yourselves, the natural consequence will also be a lot of pain. 
Mat are with pain alone futile, so Nikolai must take a deter route by decoding Mat's deeper desires: why does he fight, and why does he want so badly to win?

Dougie may need a firmer touch than the pleasure and affection Nikolai has so far shown him. To convince Dougie how much he stands to gain by giving all himself to Nikolai, he must first teach him how much more he has left to lose.

Mat have pride. Pride yes, to save Dougie, he do anything, give up anything, put aside anything, even his pride, the one thing here he has left, the one thing that makes him human.

Nikolai: give up some part of yourself, let go of your pride, or die protecting it. I want that you get strong again.

He get strong again, all right. Stronger than he'd ever been, so that when the opportunity came...

Nikolai want Mat to say: you want to hear that I fight and fight and fight but you always going to be the winner, because this game is rigged, can't fight back, can't win. You win. Always.

Mat have make a list on the things that will make him live on, not only for Dougie's safe, but to fight on for himself.

Nikolai want Mat to flatter him. Entice him. Try to convince him that what you want is that what he wants.
Their organization is very large, many rich and powerful people.

They have the money to kidnap and force other people to be their slaves, they have the power to control and safely moles in the security service.

The kidnapped only the people who no close connection, to any family and is on the verge of being thrown out of their homes. No one would look for them or using energy to be worried about them.

If the brothers ever be free, who can they trust and which of the many included in the kidnap innocent people and put them in bondage. 

Nikolai is one of many people who govern in this gray country where there are other rules and pain, torture and imprisonment. How many thousand other a slave and subjected to torture, rape and brainwashing.

Scary and creepy, no conscience of these people. 
I love to read this book and it is psychologically thrilling, the authors have studied the human reactions to these extreme situations and this makes the book very realistic and is realistic. Which means you will not be disappointed when you read the series, it is good that there are some breaks in between, because I am mentally exhausted after reading each volume, I even feel that I have been mind fucked by Nikolai and you get the whole emotional register when you read this book.

You are going beyond your limits and it is not for the faint hearted reading.

I'm recommending this book to anyone who is interested in the psychological aspects of torture and brainwashing, get beyond ones limits and have the entire spectrum of emotions. 

Can't wait to read vol.6 of this serie, poor Mat and Dougie(Roger). Nikolai I still hate you, but you are a damn professionel torture, rapist and Master.

PLEASE GIVE ME MORE <3 <3 <3 <br/>