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The Flesh Cartel #6: Brotherhood - Rachel Haimowitz,  Heidi Belleau If you think the brothers have been through the worst hell, then you have made a mistake. They are worse Masters than Master Nikolai and he is bad and evil, he must be trained psychiatrist or profiler to know how they will react and respond when he ask them for something or torture them. 

They go through hell and back,'s worse is they are still in hell and this has become much worse. They are being tortured by one master worse than the other and the worst thing is that the brothers see each other being tortured and being forced to perform actions which destroy the other soul and fighting spirit.

He go to extremes and this time he over my limits and I am sure many others that have read this vol. think it's disgusting and to puke reading about this new serum that Nikolai use.

Nikolai want Dougie to trust him and use every metode, small talk, threats, pain and psychological warfare.

This lead to the nightmare where there are many symbols in the dream that have meaning in the reality, the fact who he can trust and where he will feel safe. Will his brother still love him and save him, why be forced to do things against their will to hurt each other more and so this is just the beginning of despair and brainwashing.

How can you fight people who all their lives have tortured and raped others because they have the power to do so. How many know this organization and uses the power to make more money on sex slaves, who can they possibly trust if they are lucky enough to escape.

Roger is both their enemy and not, but getting him to be himself again will take time and it's time the brothers missing if they still want to keep the personality they were originally.

I hope that they can win their freedom and help to move forward, this will be a struggle to become himself again and all these nightmares they will have to fight in the soul. 

But I can't wait to read what happened to the brothers, and they have fighting spirit and will fight back, right now Nikolai is the winner, but the brothers will learn Nikolai and use the things against him.

I will recommend this book to the ones who want to read out of comfort zone and have read books like Speciel Forces, Power Play. This book is in the same genre and you will feel the mind rape and it will drain you, but it's worth all the trips in your mind and consciousness. Love to read this serie and can't to read more :-)