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New safe heaven and old friends

I am happy to see so many friends from GR that are here, *sad* because we need to find a new place that hopefully never will have that kind of censur that GR have, it seem more and more that amazon destroy what once where a place for every book lovers to talk about books, write reviews. Now they make censur on everything and that destroy what I and everyone also loved at the time we were on GR.


I am happy that BL have so good export of ones books and that you do not need manual to get all the books on the right shelves and find the words that explain every book.


I have not said so much on GR, because I was afraid they would delete my reviews etc. 

Do they not have the understanding for when we write reviews that it takes time to write the reviews, with or without pictures to explain our feelings and thinking of the books?


I can understand if the review is not about the book and the persons have not read the books, but only want to flagged the books because they mean it is a sin (ex. m/m) etc. But the other things are not fair, we have taking days and hours to write a review and find the right pictures for the reviews etc.


I wish and hope that BL never be like that, then it will destroy what it stand for and what book lovers like/love with this site.


I really need to find out much more about what BL can, and maybe I will begin to write reviews again.