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**spoiler alert** Story #1
Poor Vincent can he be more unfortunate or what. His friend Mandy just want to help him going on a vacation, and then it happens all the machine errors all the time, so he can not fly to the place he needs to go on a vacation. It's funny how the can talk about vacation and then about Mandy's girly part, not what Vincent want to talk about.
Worst trip for vincent, not exactly a relaxing trip.

Finally,are Vincent with the cabin. He enjoys the view and how beautiful it is here, he feels like a kid on Christmas Eve and squeals like a girl. The cabin is beautiful inside and there are so many things, jacuzzi, pool table, hot tub. 
But what are a Bear doing on the balcony? more like a shifter.

Christian is the Bear shifter and he really hope his mate is a male. He do not do chicks. He can not remember what happened since he has ended up on the balcony, he is confused and has been excited since he smelled the person. 
Their second meeting, where he will help Vincent. He comes to scare him, so Vincent is close to dropping shopping bags and squeals of fright.

Or more like Vincent screamed of fright. when Vincent turned to see the man, he come face to chest. Christian is a tall guy. He has thick black hair, and blue eyes. Vincent was excited about how Christian looks like he is just the type he likes and have very erotic thoughts. 

Christian is a very happy bear and man, as he helps his mate and his mate looked at him, more been caught staring at him.

Christian is a Gentleman and so sweet, helpful to his mate. He says that Vincent is beautiful. 
Vincent can not think of anything to, only that he seem not to believe that someone think he of all people are beautiful and Christian say, YES Vincent is beautiful and that he should get in the warm water before he freeze to dead. They are naked in the water and It's really HOT.

It hurt everytime, when both need to understand the truth about shifters, vampire and other myths. Vincent react naturally as anyone who just told the shifters is not a myth but a reality and that he is mate to Christian a bear shifter, he's going to hurt Christian although it is not what he wants to do. The reality is turned upside down which Vincent must have time to think about and he is crying.

Someone from their tribe try to kill Christian and we now know that is why Christian end up on the balcony. But the idiot try to kill Christian a second time, but Christian mother and the alpha of the tribe know about it, and help her son. She gives Russell a telling off and hit him twice, one time he falls, super woman is she and her do you not want to be enemies with shifter bear. 

Russell a father is so cruel to his youngest son, and says he will not do something because he is gay. Micky is the only one that have the right to stay, because he never try to hurt anyone. Christian's mom is taking Micky under her wings and will help him and love him for the person he is. She know that her son have found his mate, Vincent just need time.

I want to say I need a cold bath right now, that was HOT. The ending is hot and damn it makes one excited. It ends the way I had hoped for and make this a really hot ending, I know I have say it twice lol

Story #2

Russell Heter have buy a new car, but he is to small for that, so damn salesman. The car would make him powerful and tall, but he has never been any of that. Oh, and he is a city boy so no he do not want to stay a few weeks in a cabin in Wyoming. Two idiotic decision, that he blame his lack of sleep on. He like older men.

Russell is unlucky, the car breaks down not long from the cabin fifty feets away and when he steps out of the car, his feet sank into the snow, the cold, white wetness coming up to his calves. Damn high snow and go fifty feets to the cabin is not easy and go with his bags, damn hard. He fall on the floor and squealed like a girl, and then he hear the sound of a shotgun, there a black male in the cabin?

Not a good way to meet for the first time, Xavier is recently divorced from his wife and Hollywood photographers and journalists are only out to gossip. Xavier threatens to shoot Russell if he does not give a good reason to be in the cabin and then Russell tells his story until now and are almost crying. Poor guy is so scared, he think that now he die.

Xavier has gotten a bad migraine and would like to make a good impression on Russell. They each get a call Russell talks with Keith, they have been in bed together. Xavier talking to Miguel and his mobile song has been changed to something Xavier does not like that Miguel has done. 

Poor Xavier, his father hate him and think that he can cure him. There are only evil in his father, he has only bad things to say about his son. Xavier have try to do what his father want, but in the end you can not hide what you are. Xavier tell about his his first crush, about his life and Russell is dumbfounded and do not know what to say. But Xavier trust Russell, otherwise he would not have told him.

Russell and Xavier both know they have found their soulmate, they just need to tell each other about their feelings. Poor Xavier, damn ex-wife of his is evil and are same narrow-minded as his father, they say nasty things and will only hurt so much so that he commits suicide. Disgusting people, his wife says evil things to Xavier children. Kenneth is upset and confused, he do not like his mother. 

They have a serious talk about their childhood, obnoxious people, dreams and what they want in the future. Russell follows Xavier pace and this means that in the end Xavier finally is free and are not afraid anymore. 

Their love for each other fight all obstacles and this love will they fight for. In the end, Xavier father and ex-wife will lose.

Story #3

Erik Broden is a geocacher, he love to get a challange and to find the prize. He likes to solve impossible riddles, be challenged to the utmost and he is not like the others cachers. But this time, it seem even he can not solve the riddle, damn coordinates must be wrong when he prize seems to be where the cabin is?!?

Erik is damn unlucky, in some way he is tripping over a tree root and is pouring down a mountain, that he stopped before his go over the cliff is if luck on his part. He has broken some ribs and sprained his shoulder, he hurt all over. Unfortunately, it begins to snow, too, and he gets an exertion to climbed up to the cabin, which unfortunately is locked. So now he will die of cold and his injuries. Poor guy :-(

Erik wakes up in the cabin, he can not remember anything about how he has come into the cabin. By coincidence, it is one of his colleague's cabin, Jonas's his name. He has buy the cabin for his 35 years birthday to himself. Jonas and Erik is both doctors, and have worked together on the ER. Jonas is one of the best triage doctors there was. Jonas know about Terry, not a good man and he misled Erik(marriage man).

I hate Terry who have misled Erik to believe that he was not married and that they would marry. Terry is unfaithful to his wife and has no conscience. He is unfortunately Erik's boss at the hospital and Erik each day to see that Terry is fawn all over by his wife, this is as hell to see when he had promised something else to Erik. Terry is a liar and very evil and bad person. I hate, hate and hate Terry.

All his former colleagues gives Erik blame for the affair, but it is Terry who is to blame. Now that Terry is his boss he finds any excuse to fire Erik and after Erik all the time. He want to get hid witness gone, the one who can tell the real truth. Disgusting people who judge one before they know the real truth. Only Jonas has always supported and never convicted Erik, a true friend.

Erik has not been so lucky with his lovers and feel that all the problems are piling up, that everyone is against him. Jonah is the only one who supports him and he has always had feelings for him. Now Erik is confused and does not know what to do, this hurts him a lot. Jonas have positiv words about Erik, hopefully he also have feeling for him, not only as a friend, but maybe as a lover.

Not gonna tell this time only that they have hot sex, there is misunderstandings and some very serious talk. I was happy, sad, confused and almost cry. There is some very intense feelings and situations.

Story #4

Gary and Hugh are talking together seriously, this would be quite ok, if they are not Driving in a terrain which can kill them. Gary has only signed up with the military to be with Hugh. Gary is a shifter and want to get out of his hometown, because it feel to small. Gary and Hugh are lovers, and miss each other, just lucky they did not kill themselves on the way to the cabin lol

Not lovers yet, Gary really want to wish they where lovers. Hugh want the cabin feels like home to Gary and they are working together. Gary feel that he are in hell, because he have very erotic thoughts about Hugh and what he wants to do with Hugh. 
Now are Gary talking about something that have happen in the military HOT :-)

HOT, HOT and HOT, damn now I need a cold bath :-) I never think a talk about something like that, would end like that, but a happy surprise :-)

Story #5

Dan and Parker are lovers, but they seem to misunderstand each other in so many ways, that it seem difficult to see if they will tell about their true feelings for each other. Parker almost need to die, before Dan know that he want to stay and their love is to strong, but in the good way. Why do they need to be in danger before they are true to themselves, but happy ending :-)

Story #6

Rhodi and Gel meet each other on a planet that will kill you in a few minutes and a plant that will kill you within a few hours, unless you survive and maybe will survive if you get an antidote, if there is a antidote? Not exactly the best circumstances to meet under and then Rhodi also have a broken ankle, ouch so many things that cause pain. Gel can only wait to see if Rhodi survive.

Gel think Rhodi is breathtaking even under his illness, Rhodi is a fighter so Gel have to hold him in an iron grip that he does not harm himself, Rhodi is usually a top and do not let others dominate him, but with Gel he will beg to be taken and dominated. This confuse him, but he does not doubt what he feels. 
He feels that he found the person that makes him whole.

Rhodi is indeed unfortunate, Gel should be on a routine check on the planet. Rhodi still need medical attention and then Gel take him, unfortunately, comes a guard unit past their cabin, and Gel do not reveal that Rhodi lay in the cabin. Rhodi want to see how Gel 
looks, but to hurt him instead. Gel researcher storms 
and Rhodi find some music they both like, Rhodi is a spy and hacker, but not a murder.

Finally Rhodi get to see how Gel looks, but Gel is majestic and beautiful. Funny how Rhodi say Gel is a idiot, because Gel have nothing to be ashamed of. How the hell can they have sex, when Rhodi only just now have survive the illness?!? But that was HOT sex, even if they need to be careful so Rhodi did not hurt.

Now Rhodi is a idiot, he leave Gel even if he know that he have the man that make him whole. You lie to youself about the danger in your job, the information hunt as a hacker. Rhodi need to be true to his feelings again, to really think of the weeks with Gel and that he did not need to hide who he is. You do not find peace in you favorite club and drinks. Gel need to be true to his feelings too.

Oh, Gel get a new assistent and finally Rhodi have found out that the one he want to live for is Gel. To never lie again, to live a life in peace, with no danger. Both have found their soulmate and want to live a life, where the are loved and have peace. Before I want to beat both in the head, if they did not understand how lucky they have been to found each other. Love and peace together.


All the stories have the element that they find love in a cabin, most of the cabins are on places you never think that you will find your soulmate. But this not the love where you say now are they Lovers and so are all ok, No they need to fight for the love they find. The need to go through obstacles and find out their true feelings, to take the chance when it finally is there.

Many of the characters have been through their own hell and yet they struggle further and hope to move on, find love and hope. 

Most of the stories were in the customize length that I could put myself into the characters in the story, but one feels too short and is also why the book has received four stars. I loved reading about all the characters and their obstacles in life and not to give up hope. 

This book is about both shifters, sci-fi, military, spies, etc. You get six really amazing stories. 

I will recommend this book to others who love to read an Anthology, about m/m their find love different places on the world, in a cabin. Not a love that just are easy, but something you have to fight for.