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I am angry now on GR and really hate their censorship

Well it's only a few hours before the last journal, I now I have found out the have delete my reviews from Men of Honor series, Elven Conceptions series, Directive chronicles series, and the Crimson Outlaws series. I did not even get a warning about this, I did no do anything wrong with my review, I write about the books and series, I love these series and have use many hours to write the reviews I am a fan of the authors, so WHY delete them? 


Dammit I did not have a backup from some of the books and have the write a new review of the books, this censorship are destroying everything on GR and is one of the things that I want to be on BL now. They really hurt me with doing something wrong to me the user. 


Why stay where only their words is right and reviews need to go through a censorship before we can be sure it is not deleted, and can we even be sure they are deleting it anyway? 


I really hate the way GR are now, they delete reviews without warning and the persons that flagged others for like/love reading m/m books are going free without them doing anything? 


The users on GR are already angry and hurt by this, I am angry and hurt by this.