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Special Forces: Soldiers Part I -Director's Cut - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate I think soldiers are exciting, interesting and psychologically thrilling.

Dan's and vadim's actions as soldiers, but also their inner struggles.

They are both alpha males, stubborn, confident and wise. All matches both physically and psychologically tough and emotional, with ups and downs.

It's a long time since I've read such a psychological book that captures me and I eagerly awaiting what Dan and Vadim do next, their thoughts and actions.

I am very pleased to read the book finished and read further on Dan's and Vadim's life, their many meetings and emotional struggles.

Dan is a tough, strong, and stubborn special soldier. Has the ability to get people to talk and have confidence in him. Despite all the things he is exposed to, he comes back again and fight on.

Dan is the dark and mysterious type of man who only speak when necessary. He has the belief that he is doing the right thing and that it is the enemy that makes it wrong.

Vadim is tough, strong and stubborn special soldier. He is very intimidating to most he meets. His past and past events also makes all stay far away and will do that to not be his target for his anger and frustration.

Vadim is the bright type that looks like a Greek or Roman god. He does what everyone expects of him.

Dan and vadim's meeting is not the best way to see each other the first time, but it is exactly that which transform both.

All meetings are psychological intense as they each have their opinions and views on things, this is due to their different upbringing and their national traditions and history.

Their meeting is only as soldiers to have control and power, this looks like the first it is all they have in common.

But their meetings with other causes them to think outside their comfort zone, they think and act like soldiers because that is what they have done most of their lives.

There are many surprises throughout the book, Dan and Vadim is not easy to find out as person, is always new aspects of them that you will be surprised.

 You get caught in their nets and being caught their intense, harsh and strong personality.

I know it will not be easy for them in the next books, they will deal with their sorrows and adversity differently than others, I do not think we will be able to understand all the cruelty that soldiers experience in war, the struggle that we have our freedom and common life without feeling threatened.

All processes their sorrows and lost soul in different ways, and there is a proverb as saying that our near and dear ones we hurt most when we can not find ourselves, although we do not wish to harm them.

I have been caught up to Dan and Vadim, I am very pleased for their onward journey and what they will fight for.