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Power Play: Resistance - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant Power Play is a harsh, violent and frightening book about bdsm world. In this world, there are good enough safe word, but what does this when the person who has control of you has a different limit as you and ignore your calls to stop.

You follow Brandon/Bran working to make buildings he has experienced the harsh world and survived, know to manage without help and have tried to live on the street. He is a person who is strong, stubborn in mind and body,

Jonathan is the rich only child who has never had to fight for anything and never had an answer of no from someone,he has been spoiled and have never experienced the world where you have to fight for everything to survive. He is a sadist who loves to give others pain.

These two main characters meet each other for the first time in a bar, not exactly the best meeting as Bran has drunk too much alcohol and this advantage Jonathan take.

Jonathan invite then Bran out and he talks about a contract that if Bran can take six months so he gets three million dollars.

What I do not like is that Jonathan did not explain things properly to Bran when he said yes to the offer, he knows nothing. Jonathan is just out from Bran enough to learn that, even though he knows Bran's past.

Jonathan has a completely wrong way to show compassion, support and empathy to Bran.

The entire time Bran there it is only about Jonathan gives pains, they never talk together. Jonathan thinks only of himself and the words "I will never hurt you" "I only do this for your best" give me nausea of ​​these words, he promises and promises, but it does not change.

Jonathan is only out for the result and forget the person that they does not get to any roads without talking really about things and what all the rules are.

It's the same as saying you can fly, you just do this?!? not just doing this without talking and explaining things properly will end in your dead.

 All the Jonathan makes against Bran belongs in a war and not for civilians.

This is bdsm to the most extreme kind, no one would like this as enjoyment and Bran feel as torture, which it is.

This torture makes you react in a way to consistently make resistance, which is quite common. Unfortunately, it awakens some trauma as Bran thought he had control over.

This gives nightmares, hatred and revenge. Who would not feel in such situations where everything you do you will be punished no matter what.

All these details about what he is exposed to would require a lengthy explanation, but I think it is better if you yourself read the book and get a understanding of all this in the manner, I can only describe what I think went wrong from the start and What could have prevented this or what I hope could have prevented this.

I loved reading this book, it was out of your comfort zone and go beyond your limits.

I would recommending this book to those who like to love to read such harsh books where there is not a safety net in bdsm world and where we really meet the worst sadists. This book is not for the faint hearted.

The book made me afraid, raw, sad and made me cry several times. though I'm not right away to get to Bran and understand him, but when I first was there it was this intense and emotional. 

For the first time, I need a break before I can continue to Power Play vol.2

I do not think that this will be easier than the first time, Jonathan has a way of breaking his promises and it would not surprise me if this is not also happening in vol.2

The book has wearied on my mind and I feel that I have reached the limit of what I can tolerate, Therefore the break. I have no regrets I have read the book and I read all the warnings and knew what I was getting into when I started this book.