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Something New Under the Sun - L.A. Witt Liam Lansing is heir to a prominent family of biomodified vampires. Until he chooses the wrong lover and is cast down to the Gutter to scrape for his life. 
Daniel Harding is heir to Cybernetix and a prince of the corporate Sky. Until his ideology drives his father to put a price on his head, forcing him into the Gutter.
Together, they plan to rip open the hidden corruption that runs the Sky - for vengeance, For justice, and for hope.

Daniel will have to prove to the vampires that his father already has a prototype of a UV model. His father just will not show it as he loses a money veins and that is something he not want to lose. So now Liam and Daniel just need into Cypernetix and steal it, easier said than done. But the only way that they have come a step further to destroy his fathers empire. I really hate Richard Harding more and more*GRRR*

Liam will show his parents that there is a uv model that Richard has saved and never shown. Once Liam's family finds out that Richard have lie to them, he will never feel safe and you do not want to have vampires as enemies and that they are assassins, not the best combination to fuck with. But they first need to survive and not get killed. Not an easy thing to do, when you have a whole army to fight against.

If Liam and Daniel just can agree that they disagree on some things and not be enemies with each other. They think that they know what has happened with each of the five years they had no connection with each other. Daniel agrees to get nanobots in his body, this is a choice about life and death. Daniel needs to survive and this may the nanobots help him with, they're also invisible. They love each other.

I just thought it was a small procedure to get nanobots into the body, but it is something bigger and not very pleasant, the first part is very painful and the next part feels like an army of ants are on you. Now they must then be equal to Daniel shot Liam in the shoulder?!?Gizmo is a fun and friendly person, he helps Liam with all his mods. Gizmo is a techno-junkie, all the new stuff.

Gizmo has direct way to ask people about something. He is also the person who can update your mods. He is a funny but honest person. Liam trust him, so Daniel will also need to trust that Gizmo will not hurt them but help them. It is against Daniel's ideology to have the mods, because he believes that the mods takes one's soul. Liam and Daniel will fight about the mods everytime, because Liam need them to survive.

Gizmo is like our world Q, he know a lot about techno and doing exciting new things all the time, he has made one thing that makes them able to go straight through the security system without being caught, hopefully. This can also make something of their task easier, but no less dangerous. 
But I am not so sure about the contacts Daniel have, they can easy traitor them, if they have a lot to lose.

Liam and Daniel come out of the border safely between the Sky and the Gutter. When they see each other for the first time Liam and Venus, which is part of the anti-techno movement. Daniel asks a person named Anna, who the heck is she and why does she mean so much for Daniel, he has something he will have to explain to Liam?!? I want to know who Anna is ?!? Please tell me.

I knew that Richard is evil, but to create a virus to earn even more money and play God, this is disgusting and cruel. This virus should be destroyed, all vampires will suffer from all the things of ordinary sound, light, taste etc. Greedy and vicious man, really hope he goes to prison and never get out of there again. I HATE him *GRRR*

Of course Liam is choosing some of the most insane plans to get into Cybernetix and something about heights. So they must also go through eight security zones before they could take the uv model and the mutated virus mod. Richard playing God, first he will give people the virus and then play savior, he does not care that he hurt other people as long as he can get more money, that is disgusting and cruel.

Liam has an armory for a whole regiment of soldiers, he has prepared for all kinds of situations. Small arms, C4 bombs, tear gas, machine guns, lots of ammunition, etc. Liam is the expert, he is a professional assassin. This was perhaps not what he had wanted, but the choice was taken from him. He does not enjoy killing, but he has no choice. The first killings were the worst for him, he can't forget it.

Gizmo is a micro-tecnical genius, but because he is a Gutter-bred no one give a damn in Sky. The safety regs are a joke down in the Gutter. A few years ago, there was an explosion where he worked. It killer three other techs and his arm and shoulder was burned, but the limb started dying, it was amputated. He designed and built it from the scrap metal, a medical mod, his third. They do not lose their souls.

A small kiss, and they are having HOT sex. Liam only need to whisper to Daniel " Fuck me. Please" Daniel is so excited, but they need lube so he does not harm Liam, he uses spit and they have really HOT sex and use all the hours before the sun go down. Liam was Daniel's first, and now be the last one, if they survive. He will never let go of Liam again, he have miss him the five years.

They should make a diversion and this applies of course to blow one fan in the air, Daniel gets the honor of doing it. He thinks this is crazy, but should then be clear now that the more crazy this is the better, at least from Liam's point of view, anyway Daniel is surprised by this. But have to trust Liam in this and do the job. No civilian will be hurt, there is a warning, before the bomb explode.

Liam and Daniel entering the building with a bang, the explosion has derived all people in the building. Daniel is safe up to the seventh floor and into the room with Info. about uv model and the mutated virus. They get hold of things, but now there is a whole army after them. they really need to trust each other, but they are ask each other every time "are you sure"?!? After all what they got through last time.

Damn it's Daniel's turn to be shot, he has lost a lot of blood, but got hold of UV model and virus mutation. Now they need to get out in a hurry before they become trapped by Richard's men. The only way out is to blow up all the doors in the air, to get free. It was very close to that they were caught, but they did it. Daniel has no choice to shoot a human, choice about life and death.

Now they are safe with Gizmo, he will be responsible for putting uv model in Liam, several nano-bots. Liam has also received blood from Gizmo and looks better, but this destroys the operation. Damn UV model has a security code and if the code is not found in a hurry Liam has perhaps only 24 hours to live. Liam need to survive as his father need to be told what is happening. When are they safe?!?

The only way to save Liam, is to steal the code in the building, which is now under tough monitoring and surveillance. Daniel now need neuromods to even survive suicide mission and save Liam. Liam is unconscious and will die within 24 hours if nothing is done now. Daniel have no choice anymore if he want to save his lover and get more mods. even if he don't like it. Poor Daniel and Liam :-(

This time it is worse to have neuro-bots into his body, this is more painful than the first time Daniel got nanobots in his body. He is strapped into the chair so as not to harm himself. This is a permanent mods. which he can not undo, but desperate times call for desperate actions. He regrets nothing, he will save Liam, whatever the cost. He survive the operation, now he need to learn walk again and fast.

Finally I know who Anna is, she is Daniel's daughter and unfortunately, Richard kidnapped his daughter. Felix a friend of Daniel have been injured when he tried to save Anna, he was shot and lost a lot of blood, but he survives. So now Daniel need to save his daughter and Liam, this is then easier said than done. The only benefit Daniel has, is that his father did not know he had mods. in his body.

Venus will have to understand why Daniel will have to use mods. but she is just a nag, that he was with her I do not understand. Neither Daniel or Liam are less people because use mods. She will need to understand many things, that she is the mother of Anna and worried about her is understandable, but not the other things. Felix lose his life because he resists.

Richard will kill his granddaughter just to get the uv model again. He has no conscience and killing them there is in his way. He's like our time Mafia: money, power and murder on his conscience. Now he puts conditions to his son, uv model or his daughter dies. Not a father that I want to have, hate him a lot. Don't like Venus, even if she is on the good side. She don't try to understand why he do what he must do.

Daniel knows best his father and by what rules he needs to win. He gets the code, so Liam is saved, but they still need to save his daughter. Venus gets on my nerves, can she not just shut up and trust what Daniel does, after all, the man almost died twice and have been exposed to all these things. She has just been sitting at home and cared for her daughter and never been in danger before now, rude woman.

Now I'm really confused, how is it possible and how can they keep track of all these lies and many other things?!?

I really do not keep track of how many they've been shot at, chased and injured. There have not been many hours and days where they have had peace since they met just hope that eventually they will find their common peace and enemies behind bars.

What the hell is wrong with Liam's mother and is this really a way of saying I've missed you and what the hell thinks this woman really thinking?!? Should she not help her son?!?

Finally, one which seems reasonable it was also about time and can admit that he was wrong, hoping that this will make it easier for Liam and Daniel. Damn stubborn vampires and assassins, not some I'd like to have as enemies.

The end of the book, was what I had hoped from volume one.

This book is full of surprises and some things can be confusing, I hoped all the time that MC will learn to understand each other better, believe in each other and fight to have each other, this is not a meeting where everything is purely idyllic, this is the struggle for justice, love and what you believe in.

If you love vampires, sci-fi and action this is the book I will recommend to you.