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Thirty Days - Shayla Kersten Biton have lost his lover Erik to cancer, they where lovers for ten years. Erik did not want to change the routine even after he Got the message of cancer, and at last Biton understand that Erik was most happy when he could help Biton as his slave. It has only been a few month when Biton try to visit and talk to his friend again, but he feel It's to soon and go home again. He feel so lonely and miss Erik so much, he want to get back to life and find happiness again, but It's so hard.

Antonio is friend with Biton, one of the Elite and one of the leaders in BDSM world. He want to make sure that everyone is safe, sane and consensual was their motto. Lia is his slave. Antonio is a detective and Lia is a nurse, they have been together over ten years.

To Antonio's party is Cavan a guy that have a trouble past and do not know how to live a normal life. Biton want him as slave for 30 days. Cavan tell Biton about what has happened to him. They need to talk with both Antonio, Ramo and Dr.Merten, they know now that there is a ring of pedophiles snatching kids from the foster Care system. They list them as runaways and keep them out of school until they drop off the radar. Then they train them as sex slaves and sell them.

Cavan was snatched at eleven and started his slavery by the time he was thirteen. He was sexually abused before the age sixteen.

Cavan need psychological and emotional help, that was Dr. Merten should help him with.

Cavan has been raped and and beaten by Maxwell. Maxwell have kill Mateo and 3 others, one was very young. For 9 years have Cavan live in hell, survived and been strong.

There are many emotional ups and downs. You get angry at the people who have raped and abused Cavan and you will come to really hate them, joy of Biton and Cavan find each other, becomes upset addition to Biton has lost his lover to cancer.

This book is not for the faint hearted, there are many brutal things happening in this, but also many nice moments.