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Not My Spook! - Tinnean The book begins where the first book ended, there are many emotional ups and downs, Mark will not realize that their relationship is changed to lovers. Quinton has quickly understood his feelings and hope that Mark also has the same feelings.

What started as a cat and mouse game, mind game, is that they finally have a relationship.

But then there is an enemy who kidnaps agents from the CIA, WBIS, KGB etc. Quinton for the task to find out what is going on, but a traitor expose him and he gets himself kidnapped.

Mark finds out that the CIA will not help Quinton and the other agents who have been caught, so Mark set out to liberate Quinton and the other agents.

Mark is helping the devision and Pete, it's a former agent who will form his own organization and those who will not obey his orders are killed in the most cruel way.

There are quite a few surprises and a lot of people that you quickly come to hate, some are actually not fit to be in charge of other good agents. 

For example. Quinton's leader in his department.