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Werewolf's Way - Scarlet Hyacinth


**spoiler alert** "This is the first book I read, that make me think draechan shifters is cruel and evil. The draechens help the human against vampire and werewolves, but that does not mean that they can hunt and kill them if they have not hurt and kill any human. The draechens rule over 7 other races, they are Kings in the shifter world, can they not make a peace contract?!?. It feels like ww2 over again *Shudder*"

"Is marriage not a sacred thing and a something you do out of love?!? This marriage is more to grain power and money, Caelyn of the race "spite" are forced to a marriage with a draechen, but know who his real mate is. Caelyn's parents do not care about his feelings and he have no freedom :-( I really hate the draechans rules to never marriage with another race, but they misuse the power to get new abilities..."

"Damn that is really need a lot of work, if even vampires can not like sprites *sigh* and even if fae and sprites are in a High rank, then even a lot of them do not like draechens rules about marriage and caste. So many things they need to change and create a partnership for peace *sigh* But how to do that?!? They need to destroy the caste system and make sure everyone can marriage regardless the race"

"I want to see and feel how it is with a bonding of hearth, mind and soul *sigh* they are saying it is beautiful and intense. Their sex was HOT :-)"

"How in the world will the werewolves try change the things for the better, when they seem to be as narrow-minded and hateful as the draechens *head shake* now both MC have lost their family to the hate :-( who can they trust and how can they find a place to live without fear?!? The werewolves feel gay is wrong and a sin *grrr* this is so complicated *sigh* will they ever make peace between the caste and races?!?" 

"Karein damn I do not like you, but if you do not like the directive, then why do you not change that?!? *face palm* one Minute I hate him and one Minute he seem like a ok draechen *sigh* I really can not understand the thinking of the draechens *sigh* What plans are he thinking now?!? Good or evil?!? I want to give him a earful and hit him on the head *grrr*"

"WOW, just WOW :-D really good news so much love and happiness <3 these surprises are so good, if I think what will happen next, then I am wrong. But they are still in danger from the draechens and no help from any of their families *sigh* so much hate in every races and caste *sigh* *grumble*"

"I really hate Karein's parents, they decide who will live and who have to die, and they almost make Karein's as cold as them. Karein is the one that can change the directive, but I think his parents think they are gods *grrr* I hope someone have the power to kill his parents, I do not like that they have slaves and concubines, people with no possiblity to make a choice and no freedom"

This is a new review, maybe later when I am not *sad* I will write a new review, because somehow the first is gone/deleted. I have to think about what to write again and the feelings.